Zach Steele Death – Zach Steele Cause of Death: Accident

Zach Steele Death – It is with great sadness that we announce to you that Zach Steele who was involved in a speed flying Accident yesterday has passed away.

Tributes To Zach Steele

Nick Wrote: Spending my day looking through all my hard drives reminiscing on the amazing adventures I got to experience with Zach Steele over the years. This is so hard. We’ve traveled to so many beautiful places in such a short amount of time. I met Zach in Vermont 2015 and was blown away how stylish of a cliff jumper he was. We had never seen anything like it. He introduced “Tahoe Steeze” to us all. Early on when everyone was pushing limits with gainers and backflips, Zach was on another axis. When he stood backwards on that cliff, he showed us how cool it was to grab your foot mid air and steeze it out all the way down. We would watch in awe as his trademark long hair of his whips through the air. His style was so unique and timeless. If the word “steeze” is in the dictionary, a picture of Zach’s misty should be front and center. There is a reason why Zach was my go to for being the main drop in most of my edits.

Aside from his legendary footprint in the world of cliff jumping and skiing, Zach was such an amazing and humble person. He was always smiling. Always made us laugh. I have never seen Zach mad. The kind of guy I wouldn’t mind one bit in my truck driving 9 hours straight to scope a new waterfall.

Last time I saw him we briefly reminisced on the Flow State premieres we had in Truckee and in Colorado. He said it was “one of the COOLEST things in his life to ever happen.” He put some emphasis on the word “coolest”. I remember calling Cheyenne shortly after excited to share with her how he said that. The way he worded it will always stick with me.

I hope Zach knew how many people he inspired. Like a musician creating a new genre, he was a pioneer. An absolute staple in the cliff community. All over the world people are grabbing their foot and steezing out Misty’s because of him. Thank you for all the memories @lilzachel.

Connor Wrote: It’s hard to say another great friend has moved on from this life to the next. Zach Steele you were one of a kind. All the times you pushed me to do double flips on snow when I didn’t want to. You were are true coach and an inspiration to many. Thank you for introducing me to the cliff jumping community. Some of my best friends have been made because Zach invited me out to California for the Cliff Cruise. Thank you James Johnson for introducing me to Zach. Missed but not forgotten. This will be the year of double corks off cliffs. Let’s send them people. 🤘

Michael wrote: Damn dude its true what they say the good die young. One of the raddest, most humble and steeziest homie ive ever met. Shred the heavens my dude. RIP Zach Steele

Brandon wrote: I can’t believe another good friend gone too soon. Keep sending those cliffs and skiing up there. Zach Steele we will send the park again when we meet again. Much love brotha!

Corky Wrote: My heart is filled with sadness over the loss of my piano student, Zach Steele. He was involved in a speed flying accident yesterday. His stepfather, Tony Savage, called me this morning to give me the news. He was an amazing young man, full of life and dreams.

Jen wrote: Really sad news.. My tahoe fam is once again hurting .. too many this year . RIP Zach Steele

Megan Wrote: RIP Zach Steele I will always cherish our memories and crazy adventures. You’ll be missed dearly. You had a heart of gold. ❤️❤️

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