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 Charly Boy

Charles Oputa, the veteran singer and social activist, aka Charly Boy, has reacted to stories that he’s about to finish his marriage.

He defined that the stories that he’s planning to finish his marriage will not be true.

In a submit on his Twitter web page through the week, he had written, “My people, if I tell you that after over 45 years of marriage to my wife, I am going back to bachelorhood, what would you say?”

He added, “I have said it that this marriage thing is not easy. The longer you stay, the harder it gets. What should I do? I am tired o.”

However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, the ‘Area Fada’ stated, “Some persons are asking me how I’ve managed to remain in marriage for 45 years. It is difficult-work. It isn’t that it has fully been a candy expertise for me. My marriage isn’t excellent however we’re an ideal match made in heaven.

“Every year, rumours have it that I want to divorce. This is not the first time; it has actually been going on for the past 20 years. That is how people see things because we all think differently.”

Speaking on why he made such submit on social media, he stated, “Young folks normally imagine that love is all they should marry. That is an enormous lie. That was what I used to be making an attempt to say (in my submit on social media). When I speak, folks ought to suppose deeper. I’ve been married for 45 years. What stays once more? I can as nicely end 10 or 20 extra years as a result of it’s a life sentence.

“I wished to understand how many individuals have been impressed by my marriage. Very quickly, I will probably be marking my golden jubilee in marriage. It isn’t like I desire a divorce. People shouldn’t take what I say actually.

“Yes, I said I am tired but it is normal. Even as an activist, it got to a point that I became tired of everything. However, it seems like when I talk to people, they do not listen. But, there are still a few persons who listen and are inspired by what I say.”

 Asked how he thinks individuals who look as much as him felt when he insinuated that he was bored with being married, the ‘Fake Pastor’ stated, “Why should those who look up to me be discouraged? Should I lie that marriage is easy? One has to face the facts. Moreover, marriage is not for everybody.”

Speaking on why he nonetheless finds marriage difficult regardless of spending virtually 5 a long time in it, he stated, “Marriage will probably be difficult, particularly when the youngsters go away. Then, it’s only two those who will probably be going through themselves, particularly in this sort of poisonous setting. It may be a problem if the lady and the person don’t make as a lot cash as they used to.

“Physical changes can also occur which a partner may not be comfortable with, but those are the things to expect. Being tolerant does not even guarantee that the marriage will not have issues. One has to keep working on one’s marriage till one dies.”

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