Why I Was Gifted A Lantern By Some Villagers After God Used Us To Plant A Church There – Oyedepo – Explained!

Why I Was Gifted A Lantern By Some Villagers After God Used Us To Plant A Church There – Oyedepo, #Gifted #Lantern #Villagers #God #Plant #Church #Oyedepo Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the newest breaking information and trending broadcast that we’ve for you in the present day: :

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke at The King Of Glory – Holy Ghost Convention 2022, Morning Session Day Three, The Sword of the Spirit Ministries.

While speaking about why non secular Stewardship is so essential, he mentioned that we reap life from non secular funding. We don’t simply reap issues, we reap life, not simply life, life eternal. Look at Abraham’s life, as an example, it’s nonetheless talking in the present day. He then mentioned, “It’s nice to sow monetary seeds, there’s nothing improper with that, I imply, it’s required to advance the Kingdom of God however your actual seed that provides everlasting worth to your life is your non secular funding. Please, decide to it.

He then gave a small testimony of what occurred in a village when he went there for Soul successful. He mentioned, “In 1973, I had the privilege to be in a village as a relief teacher, it was vacation time, and then, I asked the fellows I met there, “what church is in this village?”, They mentioned, “None”, I mentioned, “not even Catholic?” I mentioned that as a result of Catholics had been in every single place, they mentioned, “None”. And I knelt down and mentioned, “Jesus, see that I don’t leave this village the way I met it, let your name be planted here”. “Are you a Pastor?”, “No”. “You have a dream to be a Pastor?” “Never”, however I have a coronary heart for Jesus.”

He then mentioned, “I was there for 71 days, the 72nd day was my departure time, Jesus built a Church for himself in 40 days. I didn’t speak the language of the people but my heart was after them. I was going from house to house. I had a strategy; the same time they’ll go to the mosque was the same time I’ll visit their families. I was coming to pray for them, and because teachers were so important then, they were all gathered in their various houses, under their hut and I’ll lead to Christ in prayers because by talking to them, they’ll argue with me, you don’t argue with prayer, so they’ll be saying after me what brings salvation to them.”

However, inside 40 days, God constructed them a grass stuff, one little hut that can take about 100 individuals. On the final day, the oldest man was informed by his interpreter who was additionally a believer however didn’t know what to do when he received there. He mentioned, “the light you brought to our village” after which gave him a lantern (bush lamp) as a present. They mentioned, “we understand that wherever the gospel gets into, civilization gets in there, thank you for bringing civilization to our village. Silver and gold, have we not, but this is what we have; the light you have brought to this village, let it shine round the world”.

Finally, the cleric mentioned, “I received that 1973 for searching after souls, I discovered myself given a prophetic lantern, that’s by grace in the present day, shining in pecks and elements of the world. Hunting after souls creates a future. You don’t have to be an enormous title, an enormous lady, an enormous man, simply have a coronary heart for God and go after what touches his coronary heart. You can’t have a coronary heart for God and never make your mark on earth. I know soul successful makes stars, the Bible says so.

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