Who Is Snack Queen, Net Worth, Age, Married, Real Name, Career, Biography

Tidbit queen is understood for recording the first-class meals on tiktok. In a quick time body, he has figured out how to get around a million supporters at the platform. From showcasing amusing meal plans to searching at dietary problems and helping people round the arena, jen curley does the entirety.

Jen curley aka tidbit queen can be placed on tiktok beneath the username @snackqween. As of september 2021, the snack queen has over 890. 5k devotees on tiktok. Despite what’s commonly predicted, she follows only 87 human beings.
Unlike the famous mookbang recordings, Jane does not overeat. She simply eats a specific amount of food which seems very tempting. She shares beautiful pictures of herself and her family on Instagram.
In a universe of mookbang patterns where people tend to overeat, Snack Queen is the wind of the outside as she uses her foundation to provide a safe space to individuals with dietary issues.

Jane makes her recording fun by destroying a conversational style. She shares her plans, audits food sources, shares, has good ideas and much more.

In addition, the snack queen also talks about dietary issues and self-perception. Jane had experienced such problems before and for this she needed a long time from her life.

Tidbit Queen Married

Tidbit Queen is married and has one child.

Tidbit Queen Real Name

Tidbit Queen’s real name is JANE CURLEY. jane curly is the one TIC Tocprinter that transfers food recordings to online media.

Tidbit Queen Career

I commenced my recovery when I used to be 25 (with two backslides) and observed the full restoration and meals chance at age 30

Tidbit Queen Age

Nibble Queen aka Jane Curley is 36. Tidbit was once born on September 6, 1985. His zodiac signal is Virgo.

Tidbit Queen Net Worth

Tidbit Queen has currently exploded on TikTok. It has collected over 34.4 million preferences. Jane transfers her meals recordings and cooks delicious meals on Tiktok again and again.


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