Who Is Skater Zhu Yi? Check Her Falling Video On Olympic Debut For China.

Once again, Zhu-Yi is again remaining the subject of great discussion among social media users, after a video from Olympic took place on the internet sites. Yes, you heard right, 19-years-old is facing a firestorm on Chinese social media after she slipped flat on the ice on Sunday while finishing the last is Women’s short program team event.

As soon as the people are getting acquainted with the video their immense reactions are taking place to where almost everyone is unleashing their remark on the incident. So below you could get everything you need to know.

“Skater Zhu Yi Falling” “Who Is Skater Zhu Yi? Check Her Falling Video On Olympic Debut For China 46”

As per the exclusive reports or sources, only a few hours passed of this incident and despite this more than 20 crore views the video has been grabbed on social media sites. Especially on Weibo, as her video is trending while having a hashtag “Zhu-Yi has fallen”,who has seen the video has only one question as to why she has been chosen for this work, despite knowing that she will be representing the entire state.

This is the reason why everyone has a very deep reaction to the incident, especially from the China side because the athlete belongs to that.

Skater Zhu Yi Fall Video?

In the video which is getting circulated on social media rapidly like a wildfire, you could watch that she got tumbled and collided into the wall after a flubbed jump in the opening combination, while receiving the lowest score of the event.

A few are saying that she has strong pressure from the side of her admirers, and this is the reason maybe she made this mistake. Zhu said in a statement that ” She is upset and a little embarrassed as well while wiping her tears. Further, she mentioned that she is extremely sorry that she did not live up to the expectation of her admirers.

If the reports are to be considered, so along with immense views uncounted comments are also posted on the incident, where a user wrote that “This was such a disgrace” and unacceptable as well.

Because if someone has been chosen to represent their state so they should take it seriously and make sure to not show or attempt even a single flaw,
Because the honor of almost the whole country is at stake, hence, she is receiving backlashing as well from the user through Weibo, but hitherto she did not make any statement on the incident.

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