Who Is Siva Moodley? Everything You Need To Know About Siva Moodley

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Dr. Siva Moodley is an International Speaker, Radio and TV character, creator, Senior Apostle and Founder of five-overlap service, The Miracle Center (TMC), and coach to different services worldwide. Dr. Siva has been serving for more than 25 years. He is generally perceived for his International Television Program ‘Your Miracle Moment’ (YMM).

He is hitched to Apostle Jessie Moodley and they have two youngsters: Pastor David, who is Technical Director of TMC and Producer of YMM; and Kathryn Jade from “The Miracle Report with Katy” which broadcasts astonishing declarations.

The uncommon Signs and Wonders, supernatural healings and prophetic service of Dr. Siva Moodley has empowered him to address state run administrations of five distinct nations, just as key business pioneers all around the world. Supernatural occurrence Healing campaigns have been held in numerous nations with many thousands coming to Jesus.

Dr. Siva began his service in 1990, in humble beginnings. His Christian TV program ‘Wonder Moments’ (presently called “Your Miracle Moment”) has been circulated in five landmasses by numerous distinctive TV organizations and watched by a few hundred million individuals. It is well known for broadcasting the stunning marvels that happen at The Miracle Center and Dr. Siva’s Crusades.

It is typical to see extremist healings like visually impaired eyes and hard of hearing ears opening, legs developing, diseases/cancers vanishing in this service.

Dr. Siva and Rev. Jessie have held International Miracle Healing Crusades in the mainlands of America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Fire up. Jessie Moodley is a global speaker, Radio and TV character, top leader and prime supporter with her better half.

She is an appointed priest, perceived for her solid showing service and profound prophetic service. Regularly God utilizes her to call out to out individuals by them.

She is additionally a pursued love pioneer by neighborhood and worldwide services.

Fire up. Jessie thinks of her own prophetic music, including “Child of Jehovah”, “Palm Trees”, “as He is” and numerous others

She co-has with her better half on Your Miracle Moment. The signature tunes for which she has composed and performed.

She is a normal on mainstream TV programs like Life with Thami on South African TV. She has given significant understanding into marriage on One Gospel (DSTV) north of a six-month time frame along with her better half on a marriage program.

She has additionally showed up on a few TV promotions against maltreatment of ladies.

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