Who is Rope-Jumping Instructor Alexander Muznikas? Instructor Sentenced to prison for 4 years after woman falls to death – Explained!

Alexander Muznikas, 33, a rope-leaping teacher, was sentenced to 4 years in prison on July 28, 2022. The incident occurred on October 10, 2021, at a rope-leaping facility within the Kazakh metropolis of Karaganda, the place Yevgenia Leontyeva died after falling 100 toes to her death in entrance of her terrified husband. Muznikas was the trainer on the time of the incident.

Muznikas, who was discovered responsible of offering actions that didn’t comply with to security necessities and leading to a death due to carelessness, contested the assertions that the prosecution introduced in opposition to him. The court docket discovered him responsible of the costs.

According to eKaraganza.kz, a information web site revealed within the Russian language, Muznikas is stated to have acknowledged in court docket, “In my acts, there was no aim to damage anybody, much alone cause the death of anyone.” Muznikas thought of it insulting that he was the one one being prosecuted in reference to the matter, regardless of the actual fact that there have been different personnel working on the web site on the identical day he was. “I would want to add that I was not the one who had designed the system that malfunctioned and led to the catastrophe,” he stated after that. (*4*)

Tkachenko, who is Leontyeva’s partner, expressed his dismay when he heard about what had occurred. “I saw as my wife was slain right in front of me,” he acknowledged. A video of the occasion captures him exclaiming, “I love you!” to his spouse in Russian moments earlier than her physique hits the onerous concrete. The footage was taken earlier than her physique impacted the onerous sidewalk. The tape additionally contains the screams of those that have been watching the occasion and have been shocked by what they noticed.

According to the prosecution, Leontyeva was apprehensive to leap from the balcony of the Constellation resort even though she had accomplished an identical job prior to now with success. An earlier listening to established that she didn’t maintain any accidents and that she had requested that her feminine companion take the initiative. However, witnesses reportedly reported listening to Leontyeva’s teacher Muznikas encourage her to make the leap, even though Leontyeva appeared to be scared.

“You have jumped earlier than, so this is not your first rodeo. You have already got the mandatory expertise. Have I wasted my time by placing the security harness on you? “Leontyeva’s story was overheard by various people from the trainer. The video then cuts to an look of Leontyeva, who could be seen leaping from a rooftop after which smashing via an iron fence earlier than touchdown on the bottom. Her rope was secured to a cross-line that served each to cushion her impression and to keep her aloft above the earth. On the opposite hand, it might have shattered or hadn’t been secured correctly.

In the footage, it’s also possible to see a man falling down into the road similtaneously she does. It is stated that he was holding onto the security harness that was meant to be connected to a tree when the power of Leontyeva’s fall pushed him to the bottom. The fall was about 100 toes in top.

In addition to inflicting a severe cranium fracture, mind harm, and different sorts of trauma, Leontyeva’s bones on the best aspect of her physique have been smashed on account of the autumn. She was taken by ambulance to a medical establishment, however regardless of the employees’s greatest efforts, she was pronounced useless upon arrival.

Outside of the courtroom, Tkachenko acknowledged that the employees administering the rope-leaping web site have been to accountable for the’homicide’ of his spouse, and that they need to be held accountable for their actions. “They did not operate in a coordinated manner at all. The teacher did not check to see whether the rope was secured to the ground before moving on. Simply put, he instructed her to “Jump!” I hope that this by no means occurs to anyone else. He is accountable, “the widower stated. Tkachenko is now accountable for the upbringing of three younger boys by himself. The boys are aged 8, 11, and 12, and one in all them was adopted by the household after the demise of a relative.

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