Who Is Mudjie Massaid? Angelina Sondakh Husband To Be And Viral TikTok Dance Video

Currently, TikTok of Angelina Sodakh and Mudjie Massaid dancing together with the other three people are going viral on TikTok. This TikTok video was posted as a celebration of Angelina’s release from prison.

It has been alleged that something is going on between Sodakh and Massaid; however, there has not been anything publicly confirmed as of now. The reason Sodakh was in prison was because of her corruption charges.

People are loving to see their dance in the clip. Many viewers are congratulating Angie on her release from incarceration and are wishing her healthy and happy life ahead in the future.

Let’s find out about the man who was at the center in the TikTok video.
Who is Mudjie Massaid?
Mudjie is the brother of late actor Adjie Massaid. By profession, he is a producer, director, and businessman; Like his brother, he is also involved in the entertainment industry. His relationship with late Adjie and Angelina has brought him into the limelight.

Many might recognize him as a man in the center of the viral TikTok video where Angie and the other three women are dancing in the side. They were quite happy with Angie’s release from prison.

He and Keanu Massaid founded Keema food, which is a business that deals with various cuisines. They served 100% Halal food and the head chef has an experience from the Netherlands. This is a very successful business.

Massad can be seen constantly promoting his business through his Instagram. On Instagram, he goes by the handle name mudji_massaid_, where he has more than 19,000 followers. He has uploaded hat viral TikTok on his Instagram story.

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