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Megan Tobey is the sister of money manager Paul Howell, he was killed back in the year 1999.

She is likewise the main onlooker in Howell’s homicide case and has recognized the killer.

As indicated by KJRH, Tobey couldn’t recognize the executioner’s face and never distinguished Jones as the killer in the preliminary according to her declaration.

Much data about Megan’s own life has not risen to the top yet, however she should be appalled each day up to this point as she saw her sibling being killed before her eyes.

The injury of the episode has not cleared from Tobey’s brain up to this point as she doesn’t go outside of her home into the evening and doesn’t keep her front entryway opened in any event, during the daytime.

Megan Tobey’s age could be 70-75 years of age as of November 2021.

She was senior sister to Paul and he would have been 67 years of age in case he was alive today.

In any case, data about Tobey’s genuine age has not risen to the top at this point, she has not uncovered her age or her date of birth on the web or among the overall population.

Papers and media have additionally not covered anything about Megan’s age yet. She was among the four kin of the Howell family. Paul was the most youthful of all.

As Julius Jones’ execution approaches. uncertainty of Megan’s declaration is being raised.

Examiners are asserting Tobey made a mistake in recognizing the observer and her portrayal did to coordinate with Julius.

She had said the executioner had long hair, however a mugshot of Jones which was required 10 days sooner for one more of his wrongdoing showed him with a lot more limited hair.

Additionally, he has denied killing Paul his whole life and has said the real executioner has arranged him for the wrongdoing. He has additionally contended the handkerchief where the homicide weapon was wrapped was left the genuine executioner as per Daily Herald.

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