Who is John Setka wife Emma Walters?, Children, Profession, Age

Emma Walters, the wife of john Setka, is worried for her safety and accuses her husband of domestic violence. Emma Walters is a lawyer by profession but popularly known as the of a Union leader john Setka.

Who is john Setka Wife Emma Walter?

Emma Walter is the spouse of John Setka, who is an Australian Trade Unionist, John Satka.

Recently, Emma Walter has accused her husband of domestic violence, where he continuously hit her head on the table. Emma and John have been in the headlines for a few years now.

Previously, Emma was convicted of drunk driving in October 2019 after admitting that she turned to alcohol to relieve the stress of her troubled marriage with her husband, John Setka.

The accusation of domestic violence is not new. Emma had previously accused Setka of harassment in 2019, which he did by sending abusive text messages. Since then, the relationship between them has been on the rock.

Emma Walter Profession 

Emma Walter is a lawyer by profession. She is high profile lawer. She previously worked in one of the Australian law firms named Slater and Gordon.

However, which field of law she expertise in is still a secret. Though she has been into news headlines many times before, there is rarely any information about her .

Netizens are wondering as to why Emma has continued to live with her husband even though she was harassed by him two years ago. it’s ironic that she, as an attorney, needs to take her partner to court to plead him guilty for assaulting her.

She said that Setka banged her head on the table five times because he couldn’t control his rage following their intense argument about their relationship. As a result, she was left with a bruised forehead

Emma Walter Age 

Emma Walter is at the age of 45 as of 2021. However, her date of birth remains unknown.

Her age was revealed when she previously pleaded guilty to driving when intoxicated. Her husband is currently 56 years old. 


How many children does she have?

The domestic abuse victim is said to be the mother of two children. But, there is no additional information about them. 

Walter may not have shared her children’s details if they are affected by the turmoil between their parents.

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