Who is Eoghan Mcdermott, Biography, Age, Allegations On Reddit, Married, Assault Charges, Occupation, Early Life, Net Worth

Mcdermott is better known for his career in Irish TV and also as a radio presenter. Some of his popular TV shows are “The voice of Ireland,” “The Eoghan McDermott Show,” and “Love Island Australia.”

The renowned public figure keeps on falling into scandals. Before, there was a lot of talk about his mental health issues.

As of now, the actor is getting many accusations from the people. Are the allegations going to be his downfall in popularity, or is it just based on rumors.

Eoghan Mcdermott Allegations On Reddit

Reddit has been full of rage after the rape and sexual accusations to the TV figure. It all happened when an anonymous user posted the story on Reddit.

The post could not last long and got deleted after some time of making it public. The user that alleged Eoghan has a username of @missanonymousian.

Even though the post got deleted, many Reddit users supported the unknown person on this matter. One of the users has even doubted the Irish media trying to cover up the situation.

Meanwhile, other users blamed him for being disrespectful and misbehaving. The public has also praised the bravery of the unspecified person.

Eoghan Mcdermott Married

Eoghan has a very long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Aoife Melia. They first started dating each other when they were in the University of Dublin as a student.

Within their dating life, the couple has gone on and off on the relation. Melia is a doctor working in the Galway.

When there was the pandemic outbreak, the pair decided to live separately for the time being. However, some reporters have claimed that the couple has got separated for a long time of four years.

Eoghan McDermott Age

Eoghan McDermott Was born on 15 April 1983 ( 38 years old) Limerick, Ireland.

Eoghan McDermott Net Worth

Eoghan McDermott net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Eoghan McDermott Early life

McDermott was born in Limerick but grew up in Dublin. His father is Kevin McDermott, an author. He is a middle child, the only boy either side of two sisters.
His younger sister, Roe McDermott, is film critic at Hot Press magazine.

When younger, and before he had a career in the media, McDermott intended to become a Garda (police officer) or a schoolteacher.


Eoghan McDermott Occupation

Eoghan is a Presenter, actor, choreographer.

Eoghan McDermott Assault Charges

Regarding the charges made by an anonymous user, RTE has not responded to anything till now. Regardless, it’s known that the user was a woman and the incident happened when she was 16.

The woman specifically stated the details of the place she got attacked on Spin 1038 radio studios. After the incident, Eoghan did not contact her for two months, and in their final meet, the girl ended everything.

Well, the actor has not received any punishment yet due to a lack of evidence. However, RTE 2FM confirmed that Eoghan would not be continuing the work.

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