Who Is Debbie McTavish? Everything You Need To Know About Debbie McTavish

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Debbie McTavish is the wife of former ice hockey expert Craig McTavish. There is not much information on the internet about the Craig McTabish couple. Since Craig was born in London, Canada, his partner must be somewhere near Canada too.

Craig McTavish then coached the Edmonton Oilers from 2000 to 2009 and became an assistant mentor for Rangers and Oilers. He is currently the head coach of Lausanne HC.

Craig McTavish was the last NHL player to play without a helmet. After a brief residency with Russian group Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the KHL, he finally led the Canadian team in the Spengler Cup in 2019.

Debbie McTavish’s age is unknown. In contrast to his better half, he must be in his late 50s or mid 60s, as he was born on August 15, 1958 and is therefore 63 years old.

McTavish and his partner Debbie have three children: Brianna, a little girl, and Sean and Nathan, two children. More information about your children’s ages and occupations will be published soon.

Debbie McTavish is not featured on the actual Wikipedia page, but profiles of other important people are included and include data about her early life, education and individual lives.

Her husband, Craig McTavish, was recognized as a reserve MBA at the University of Alberta in 1997 after retiring as an NHL player. He did not start the program after choosing to take the instructor position with the New York Rangers.

He received an EMBA from Queen’s School of Business in 2011. McTavish lives in Wurhees, New Jersey while playing for the Flyers. Debbie McTavish’s total wealth is still under investigation. However, Debbie’s control has not been found.

By adding up the spouse’s total wealth, we can estimate their total wealth in millions. More details about his real estate will be released soon. Debbie McTavish’s more important friend Craig McTavish is a former player and director of the Canadian Association of Ice Hockey Experts.

He played 17 seasons for the Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers and various clubs in the National Hockey League and won the Stanley Cup several times.

On 11 June 2012, Edmonton Oilers Chief Supervisor Steve Tambellini announced the addition of Craig McTavish as Senior Vice President of Hockey Activities for the club’s hockey duties, which he assigned to the flight crew.

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