Who Is Ashley Benefield? What You Need To Know About Ashley Benefield

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Ashley Benefield is the Executive Director of American National Ballet (ANB) which was banded together with Doug as the CEO.

Besides, Ashley is likewise exceptionally perceived as the spouse killer. The 48 hours program called “Dark Swan” has thought of her as wrongdoing, decision, and preliminaries in the new wrongdoing docuseries.

In November 2020, Ashley was blamed for homicide and was set to be taken to jail. The police charged second-degree murder and went through preliminaries.

In any case, Ashley and perished Doug were having issues. They were squabbling about Eva’s authority, before Doug’s passing in September 2020, The Sun revealed. She handed herself over following two months of examination.

Apparently, Ashley is out of prison, as she paid bond later after her capture. At present, she is living close to her mom and girl in Florida.

Ashley Benefield told a neighbor she shot and killed her better half with good reason.

A more intensive glance at the relationship history and the crime location might propose an alternate story.

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