Who Are Leon Morris & Tanya Morris From Augusta Georgia & Where Are Venus And Tripp Morris Children Today?

Venus Morris is sharing her story in Humans of New York. Leon Morris and Tanya Morris are the names cited in the story and people want to find out more.

Venus Morris’s story is keeping every reader on the edge of their seat.

Humans of New York is back with yet another story and this time Venus Morris Griffin is sharing her story which keeps getting darker with every installment that is being posted.

Out of 13 installments, people are getting the story up to the 8th one and now the readers are keen on finding out more about her personal life.

The readers should be known about her professional background now as well. Being a real estate tycoon, author, and motivational speaker, it must be hard for her to reveal the dark secret of her life but her story might help people in several ways.

Who Are Leon Morris And Tanya Morris From Augusta Georgia?

Leon Morris and Tanya Morris are the children of Venus Morris and her former husband Tripp Morris.

While the speaker has not mentioned fully the identities of her young ones except her oldest son John, Leon and Tanya are believed to be one of her son and daughter.

Venus and Tripp parented 6 children together however, the couple used sperm donors to get pregnant and cherish themselves as a parent.

Leon must be her youngest son as her oldest son John Morris is known to be pursuing his career in dentistry. She has 2 sons.

As for Tanya, we could not confirm more details about her despite Venus often posting pictures and giving information about her daughters. Venus has been tight-lipped to reveal the identities of her loving children.

We must wait till she reveals her full story on the Humans of New York to find out about her children’s details.

Where Are Venus Morris And Tripp Morris Children Today?

Venus Morris and her former husband Tripp Morris shared 6 children together. All of them are living in Augusta Georgia as of today.

Accompanying their children is their stepfather Hank Griffin, whom Venus married in 2013, and their youngest sibling.

Their 6 children range from the age of 10 to 25 today. Most of them are still young studying in schools and high schools.

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