What Real Girlfriends in Paris’ Victoria Zito Really Thinks of Emily in Paris Comparisons – E! Online – Explained!

If Lily CollinsEmily in Paris character was real, she’d undoubtedly be on Real Girlfriends in Paris.

At least, that’s what many followers thought after they watched the fabulous trailer for Bravo’s latest actuality sequence, which follows six American expats dwelling, working and searching for love in the City of Lights.

Now, RGIP‘s Victoria Zito is weighing in on the accuracy of the show’s Emily in Paris connections.

“It’s really hard not to make the comparison to the two, especially with how famous and how successful Emily in Paris was,” Victoria completely advised E! News. “But our show gives a more raw and authentic perspective of what life is actually like there.”

Of course, there are the similarities—as an illustration, Victoria teased a potential romance along with her neighbor, a là Emily in Paris—however the variations can’t go unnoticed.

“Our show, especially with the documentary style that Bravo has,” she continued, “shows such a real-life version.”


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