What Happened To Ayumu Hirano Hair? Everything To Know About The Olympic’s Star Snowboarder – Explained!

Ayumu Hirano has locks in his hair which has turn out to be a debate within the Olympics. His dreadlocks have been thought of considerably not so correct apparel within the prestigious Olympic competitors.

But he has proven the world that irrespective of your appears to be like or your apparel if one is devoted to his objective, they are going to make historical past.


Many African persons are additionally offended by the locks as Twitter is blowing up saying “Isn’t that cultural misappropriation?”

While others have been involved and commented “they were trying to cheat him out of his gold medal because he wears locks in his hair. But he showed them. Congrats on the gold young man.”

In 2019, he did a photoshoot only for his lovely locks by UNIQLO. Some individuals beloved the best way he carried his appears to be like regardless that he’s frowned by the alternatives of his hair.

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