Trolling Crankbaits An Easy, Effective Way To Fish In Minnesota – Explained!

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One of the issues I take pleasure in whereas visiting my cabin in northern Minnesota is watching anglers troll crankbaits previous my dock.

They appear at peace.

They appear at peace as a result of they aren’t consistently casting, reeling, tossing anchors, hoisting anchors, deploying drift socks or in any other case messing with this or that.

Instead, they principally sit. And they benefit from the boat journey.

There is one thing to be stated for this, and what’s to be stated is “simplicity.” Trolling crankbaits for walleyes and different species is a simple and efficient angling method in which you’ll cowl numerous water in a comparatively quick time. It can be an effective way to fish with fidgety children or older adults, who very often, are merely wanting ahead to a calming day on the water.

So how do you troll crankbaits?

Well, it may be as simple or complicated as you want. Complex means shopping for particular planer boards, lead core fishing line, reels that measure how a lot line you set free and extra.

Simple means shopping for a number of crankbaits, pitching them behind the boat along with your spinning rod then trolling slowly, sometimes about 2 miles per hour. If the sort of fishing appeals to you listed here are some issues to think about:

What to purchase

A crankbait is a tough plastic lure that appears like some sort of forge fish. It is designed to wobble in a pure means when pulled by way of the water. The lure’s vibration and life-like look set off strikes. Crankbaits are available in many alternative colours, kinds and shapes. You will wish to buy lures that mimic the dominant forage species within the waters you fish. Your native bait store may also help you with this as you are attempting to “match the hatch” so to talk. Typically, Midwest anglers fish pretty small crankbaits in spring and early summer time when younger-of-the-yr forage fish are small. As the yr progresses many anglers swap to bigger lures. Many widespread walleye crankbaits are lengthy and slender. These lures replicate sure minnow species. Many others have chunkier our bodies that mimic shad, perch or different dominant prey species. Crankbaits are available in floating and sinking choices. Directions on the best way to use them are sometimes printed on the field through which they got here. Also, some crankbaits re designed to wobble lots and others much less so. Again, verify along with your native sports activities store for one of the best choices in your space.

Where to fish

Simple trolling sometimes means fishing in water 15 ft deep or much less. Basically, this implies shorelines, the within and outdoors edges of weedbeds, over rocky factors and submerged islands and the saddles between deeper holes. Trolling over shallow sand flats is an efficient choice in spring when walleye feed in these heat waters.

Things to know

Watch your rod tip whereas trolling. The means it wiggles signifies if the boat pace is about proper. If your rod tip isn’t wiggling in any respect it probably means you might have weeds in your lure. Depending on the lure you select you will have to set free 50, 100 and even 150 ft of line. The objective is have your lure close to the underside, even ticking the underside on occasion. When a fish hits you don’t must make a robust sweeping hook set as a result of with all these lures the fish largely hook themselves. Enjoy!

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