Summer Wells Human Remains Found – Death?

Summer Wells has been missing since June 15, she’s a five-year-old girl from eastern Tennessee, disappeared last week. She comes from a big family, with three brothers who have the same bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. Her full name, Summer Moon-Utah Wells, reflects another place her family once called home.

No one has seen Summer since the evening of June 15th, and no one knows exactly where she last was — in the house or yard — when she went missing.

In a startling coincidence, another Bly family member vanished over a decade ago. Rose Bly, the sister of Summer’s mother Candus, disappeared from her rural Wisconsin home in the summer of 2009.
Authorities have stated there is no connection, but law enforcement in Wisconsin has not ruled out foul play in that case, one they report has never gone cold.

Daily updates continue to pour in regarding Summer’s fate, although the news is never good and rehashes the same scant information: volunteers working under the direction of dozens of law enforcement agencies who search on foot and in the air, trying to find a little girl who would have no reason to stray.

Her father Don has said, “Summer would never leave our hill.” Her mother Candus is too distraught to speak with reporters. Candus has passed a polygraph regarding her daughter’s disappearance.

As Summer’s story darkens into its own mystery, the baffling question of Rose Marie Bly’s whereabouts lingers. Some of the details sketch a portrait of an unstable marriage and a mother who seemed unlikely to abandon her children, but law enforcement has no suspects.

Earlier today, some news came up that confirmed that skeletal remains have been located near Mount Pleasant.

The remains are believed to be human.

The skeletal remains were located on South Port Road.

Maury County Sheriffs Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol and MTSU Anthropology Department are assisting with the investigation.

No further details at the moment, but some people believed it to be that of Summer Wells, which is still unconfirmed.

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