Stephen Myers Charged | Victim Identified As Pamela Myers

Stephen Myers set up for the Austin County Jail on second degree murder warrant On the Death of Pamela Myers.

Pamela Myers who has been recognized as the Casualty is, 59.

On November 6, 2021, appointees were reached with respect to a dubious situation in western Acadia Parish off of Bamboo Road.

Appointees were exhorted by the guest that they had not heard from a relative since the evening November second. Appointees looked through a field region where the relative was most recently seen with her child on November second. As appointees looked through the space, they found the relative expired with injury to the facial region.

Not really set in stone that the casualty’s child had left Louisiana and ventured out to Austin County Texas with a relative on November fifth. Specialists then, at that point, gone to Austin County Texas and met with the Austin County Sheriff’s Office.

As delegates showed up at the area where the suspect was remaining, the suspect escaped the home. Agents started their quest for the speculate who was found not a long way from the home. He was arrested on a subsequent degree murder warrant gave in Acadia Parish.

The casualty has been recognized as Pamela Myers, 59, who was dwelling locally of Evangeline. The suspect is distinguished as Stephen Wayne Myers, II, 34 of Crowley. Stephen Myers was set up for the Austin County Jail on the subsequent degree murder warrant. He will be removed to Acadia Parish on these charges and other extraordinary warrants from Acadia Parish.

“I like the difficult work of our representatives for this situation. I additionally might want Sheriff Jack Brandes and his staff who didn’t stop for a second to aid the catch of this homicide suspect. I thank the whole Austin County Sheriff’s Office for their endeavors” expressed Sheriff KP Gibson“I appreciate the hard work of our deputies in this case. I also would like Sheriff Jack Brandes and his staff who did not hesitate to assist in the capture of this murder suspect. I thank the entire Austin County Sheriff’s Office for their efforts” stated Sheriff KP Gibson..

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