Sean Hughes Lower Merion School Death – Sean Hughes Cause of Death: Car Accident

Sean Hughes Death – Sean Hughes who was the principal of Lower Merion High School for more than 14 years has passed away. He was killed in a car accident the early hours of November 14, 2021, while driving his son to a soccer game.

Nolan, who was in the car, suffered non-life-threatening injuries. In addition to Nolan, Mr. Hughes is survived by his wife, Kristi, son Jack, and daughter Kate.

Mr. Hughes was beloved by thousands of students who passed through the halls of Lower Merion over the years. He knew most of them by name and always had time to listen to their concerns, cheer them on and support their accomplishments. They greeted him in the halls by calling out his signature nickname, “Huuuuuuughes.” He welcomed each one at 9th grade orientation and proudly handed out diplomas at their graduations. In the years between, he MC’ed their Amazing Ace competitions in his gold sequined jacket, inducted students into the National Honor Society and recognized Merit Scholars. He encouraged student voice at every turn, the door to his office was always open, and I know that many will carry his message of “character counts” throughout their lives. It is not an understatement to say his impact on his students is immeasurable.

The staff at Lower Merion High School, and throughout the District, were Mr. Hughes’s extended family. Everyone is shocked and heartbroken. It is hard for anyone to imagine Lower Merion High School without Mr. Hughes at the helm. Other administrators from throughout the District will support LM’s assistant principals and staff in the coming weeks to ensure that students continue to be supported and served.

Mr. Hughes also served as President of the Central Athletic League, and we know that it is not only our community that is feeling his loss.

Sean Hughes Obituary isn’t officially released at this moment.

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