Rosita Quintana Death, Argentine-Mexican Actress Died at 96

Argentine actress, singer and songwriter known under her stage name, Rosita Quintana has passed away. She died in Mexico city in an undisclosed hospital after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in her thyroid at the age of 96.

Trinidad Rosa Quintana Muñoz, was an Argentine actress, singer and songwriter known under her stage name, Rosita Quintana. She had an extensive career as an actress in several Mexican films, and was a singer of ranch music belonging to the called Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

“Rosita Quintana, to heaven my prayers! Rest in Peace! Idol at National Cinema!! Highly admired, loved and respected! One of the most beautiful faces of Mexican cinema.” says Alejandra Avalos

Alejandra Avalos is a Singer, Actress, Host, Model and Mexican businesswoman with more than 30 years of experience. She continued, “I had the opportunity to chat with you three months ago at the Ramuah Hall and you filled me with inspiration! May God have you in His Holy Glory! I join the national sadness and mourning for your loss! My deepest condolences to your family and all dear friends!! A hug to everyone in life we had the pleasure of meeting you!

Rosita Quintana, which full name is Trinidad Rosa Quintana Muñoz was born in the Saavedra neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina in July 16, 1925. She went to conservatory of brothers Emilio and José De Caro, where she studied singing and acting.

Rosita Quintana was married to a Mexican film director and producer named Sergio Kogan. They had a son, Nicolás, and an adopted daughter, Paloma. In 2016, she described Kogan as “a great man”.

Rosita Quintana has featured in a quite number of films which inculdes;

  • Tender Pumpkins (1949)
  • Rough But Respectable (1949)
  • Yo quiero ser tonta (1950)
  • Susana (1951)
  • Women Who Work (1953)
  • El mil amores (1954)
  • The Price of Living (1954)
  • To the Four Winds (1955)
  • Serenata en México (1956)
  • ¡Cielito Lindo! (1957)
  • Cuando México canta (1958)
  • Club eutanasia (2005)

Rosita Quintana is remembered for her participation in numerous Mexican films between 1948-1960. She starred in movies like Calabacitas Tiernas (1949); Susana (1951); El Mil Amores (1954), and many others. In 2005, she returned to films with Club Eutanasia. As a singer, she is remembered in notable tangos and boleros, such as “Bendita mentira”.

Her Obituary and Funeral arrangements are still pending…

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