Riwww Tik Tok Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Relationship

Riwww originally belongs to Russia. She is recognized as a celebrity model. The young talent has earned name and fame through the video uploaded on the Tik Tok platform.

Riwww real name is Renata Valliulina, Riwww is quite successful and confident at such a young age.

Renata Valliulina, besides Tik Tok, is a renowned Russian model who has won the heart of millions of people through her posts uploaded on her social media profiles.

Riwww is with the name @riwww on Tik Tok, Riwww included her name Renata Ri and her age on the profile of her Tik Tok handle.

We assume Riwww likes to keep her special moment private.

Currently, Riwww has 11.5million followers in total, with having 327.8 million likes.

Riwww earned huge numbers of followers on her Instagram when she was very active on it.
She shared pictures related to fashion, modeling, and traveling.
But as of now, Riwww, isn’t present on Instagram.
We got to know about this fact through her Tik Tik profile, where Riwww has stated IG disabled. We don’t know the actual reason for this cause yet.
Nevertheless, her fans still can look at her beautiful pictures through the fans pages created on Instagram. If we search by her name, tons of pages occur.
official.renatavalliulina.fan is the highest ranked fan page where it has nearly 8k followers.
Riwww’s information is not published on the official page of Wikipedia yet. But, her details are covered by various other websites.

Renata Valliulina Age

Riwww is 18 years of age. She was born on February 11 back in 2003.

Renata Valliulina Height and Weight

Riwww is blessed with a height of 5ft3 inches, while she weighs is 120 lbs.
As of now, Riwww has never talked or mentioned a single piece of her family.

Renata Valliulina Relationship

We assume Riwww is in a relationship. It’s been recorded that she had uploaded her partner’s picture on her Instagram account in 2017.
Due to the account being disabled, we were unable to capture the post.

Renata Valliulina Net worth

Currently, there are no enough details regarding Riwww’s Net worth.
It is assumed she must be earning a decent amount of money through media platforms.

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