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she played as an exceptional part in Australian Survivor and won multiple times in ancestral difficulties and won one time in Individual Challenges.

Rachel Downie Biography

2020 Australian of the Year | Queensland. Rachel Downie became a teacher to help young people flourish, so when a student died by suicide, she decided to take action. Rachel developed Stymie, an online resource for students to anonymously report instances such as bullying, depression, self-harm or family violence.

Twenty-five years ago, Rachel Downie became an educator to help young people flourish. After losing a Year 9 student to suicide, Rachel decided she needed to find a way to support young people to say something when things aren’t right.

She discovered students often felt too frightened to come forward with possible life-saving information, because of peer expectations. This led Rachel to developing and self-funding Stymie – an old-fashioned word for stop – to allow students to anonymously report harm without fear.

Rachel developed Stymie with extensive consultation and help from students and educators. Since 2014 she has presented Stymie to more than 300,000 students nationally.

Implemented nationally and internationally, students are using Stymie to report family violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, depression, illegal activity, harassment, self-harm, and harm to their communities. In 2018, Stymie schools received more than 40,000 notifications from concerned students, empowering them to use their empathy and conscience to report harm, and further a culture of care in their schools

Rachel Downie married

She is a strong 50 years lesbian who is married to her wife, Amanda.

Rachel also works with her wife on the solution to the mental health system. She lived with her wife and two children, Groodle and Devon Rex, in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.

Rachel Downie Net Worth

Rachel Downie Net Worth is around $4 Million

Rachel Downie Age

Rachel Downie is 50 years of ages was born on 13th June 1989, in Dunfermline, Fife, the child of James and Mary.

Rachel Downie Height and Weight

Rachel Downie Height is 165 cm while she is 5ft 5in Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs

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