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Petra Mayer Death – Petra Mayer, the NPR Books editor has sadly passed away on November 13, 2021 at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Petra Mayer was said to have succumbed to a sickness called “Pulmonary Embolism“. This sickness happens when a blood clot becomes lodged in an artery in the lung, preventing blood flow.

Petra Mayer is an editorial manager at NPR Books, zeroing in on fiction, and especially class fiction. She brings to the work energy, speed-understanding abilities, and a genuinely amazing assortment of Doctor Who trinkets. You can likewise hear her on the air and on an intermittent scene of Pop Culture Happy Hour.

She was a partner maker and chief for All Things Considered on the ends of the week. She took care of every one of the show’s books inclusion, and she was additionally the individual to inquire as to whether you needed to realize how much snow falls outside NPR’s Washington base camp on a Saturday, how to hip twirl, for sure genius wrestling looks like very close.

Mayer initially came to NPR as a designing associate in 1994, while as yet going to Amherst College. Following three years spending summers sharpening her patching abilities in the upkeep shop, she took the leap toward Boston’s WBUR as a newswriter in 1997. Mayer got back to NPR in 2000 after an indirect excursion that remembered a graduate degree for news-casting from Columbia University and a two-year spell as a sound documenter and maker at the Prague central command of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. She actually realizes how to weld.

Tributes Flood Social Media as friends and family pay their respect:
For friends of Petra Mayer: the terrible news is that she died this morning.

Her family have asked me to let people know.

Additional information thanks to Alison Frane: Petra went into the hospital yesterday and turned out to have a pulmonary embolism. She was up and down through the night and passed away this morning. – Liza

Petra Mayer, 46, editor at NPR Books, died suddenly from a pulmonary blood clot on November 13.

Mayer lived in Sechet, British Columbia, where a B.C. vaccine passport is in operation.

Vaccine-induced blood clot fatalities led to some countries introducing temporary age and other restrictions on the rollout earlier in the year but generally their administering is governed solely by the economics. – Garet

I wish I could describe to you how wonderful Petra Mayer was. I can’t do it because–I knew no one like her. She became my daughter’s best friend in seventh grade, and then ever after. She was an explosion of creativity in everything from license plates (her green car was “SPEEDLIME) to baking glazed Christmas cookies in the shape of medieval knights, to drawing, to singing. With her parents, she hosted a truly glorious Christmas carol-singing party full of lovely voices, none better than hers. Twitter is full of tributes from her NPR colleagues and this obituary has some of the best.Don

I’m totally heartbroken and shocked. Our dear friend and all around amazing person Petra Mayer died suddenly this morning. I still can’t believe it. She’s so awesome and still had so much life to live, and so much more to do on NPR Books. We’ll miss you so much Petra. 😢💔

Alex’s #FridgeDrawing for today, Saturday, November 13, 2021. – Renee

Petra Mayer Obituary has not been released yet.

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