Obidients Slams Pro-Tinubu Group For Urging INEC To Disqualify Presidential Candidate Peter Obi – Explained!

Obidients Slams Pro-Tinubu Group For Urging INEC To Disqualify Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, #Obidients #Slams #ProTinubu #Group #Urging #INEC #Disqualify #Presidential #Candidate #Peter #Obi Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the latest breaking information and trending broadcast that now we have for you as we speak: :

The Obi-Datti Media Office has ridiculed a assist group affiliated with the Tinubu-Shettima All Progressives Congress Presidential ticket for calling on the Independent National Electoral Commission to disqualify the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, and his working mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, for alleged violations of the Electoral Act concerning election funding.

In a press release made obtainable to newsmen in Abuja on Sunday, the Obi-Datti Media Office said that the pro-Tinubu group has immediately realized the futility of their plan to proceed with election enterprise as traditional.

The assertion learn partly, “All of a sudden, structureless and social media candidates have become the ruling party’s headache, requiring them to fabricate and invent things they want the Electoral Commission to address.”

Obi’s profitable journey overseas, which is ostensibly to teach and produce Nigerians on board along with his upcoming agenda to rebuild the nation, is open and clear and isn’t a fund-elevating effort.

However, we perceive why it causes discomfort for some, as they can’t meet Nigerians in diaspora figuring out they contributed to their departure from the nation within the first place.

“We have repeatedly stated that their understanding of structure is the abundance of stolen funds in their coffers, which they intend to use to sway the votes of hungry Nigerian voters in the upcoming election,”

In addition, the report said, “They understand that no one has stolen funds comparable to theirs, and they are always uneasy when it is implied that their rivals could compete with them.”

“Obi did not go to Nigeria to beg for money, but rather to sell himself and his mission to Nigerians living abroad who are key stakeholders in the Nigeria project.”

Since June 2022, once they spent a portion of their wealth to buy a celebration ticket, the nation’s foreign money has plummeted and remains to be struggling for air. Since then, they’ve been accumulating overseas foreign money upfront of elections as a way to buy voters.

“The media office must therefore educate them that Obi and his running mate are a savvy duo that knows the law and operates within it, and who became what they are financially, politically, and socially by conducting legal businesses.”

“They have no history of dubious wealth associated with a bullion van and are willing to be investigated.”

Just as Obi and Dotti’s backgrounds and antecedents are verifiable, so too are their sources of earnings prior to now and current unambiguous and auditable.

“Obi and Dotti have gotten to where they are in this 2023 journey without giving’shishi’ to anyone, because they are investing in the suffering Nigerians who were impoverished by the greedy leaders of the past who diverted public funds into their private and family pockets.”

“We understand their predicament; the dearth of content from their principal, the lack of what to market, utilizing the ample opportunity provided by the campaigns, and the recourse to blindly searching for reasons to disqualify the people’s only hope for a new and improved Nigeria.”

Suddenly, they’re realizing that the social media giants, the structureless and inconsequential candidates, are within the hearts of the people who find themselves persuaded by their pragmatic messages. As a results of their anger and resentment, they’re frantically looking for shady means to thwart them.

“We would like to advise those who believe that the old order that kept us down as a nation will continue to work to read the writing on the wall and realize that their time is up, as Nigerians are now prepared and determined to reclaim their country.”


 Source: Vanguard Online News

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