Nikol Barabasova Car Accident – Nikol Barabasova Filmed Her Own Death

Nikol Barabasova Car Accident – On July 6, 2017, Nikol kicked the bucket in an auto collision while her companion, Nicol Vorlovski streamed the whole occurrence on Facebook Live in Obrnice.

The two young ladies were driving on the expressway at high paces of north of 120 km, in the video they state they will attempt to reach up to 170 km each hour. Their Volkswagon hit a bollard, which made it head the other way.

The two look eager to be driving – with an apprehensive looking Nikol every so often flicking her look between the camera and street.

The recording then, at that point, shows the second the vehicle shivers and flips – having hit the boundary.

The cell phone camera is left running as it unfavorably stops with the focal point zeroed in on a safety belt – and nothing moving inside the vehicle.

An individual from the crisis benefits supposedly finished the live-stream subsequent to showing up on the scene – apparently around 20 minutes after the fact.

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