Nick Carthan Biography, Obituary and Cause of Death, Married, Age, Death

A native of SouthSide Jamaica in Queens, New York, Nick was based in Los Angeles as a popular comedian. He used to do soldout shows in the city. Likewise, Carthan was also the host of “Curious Red Flags Podcast.”

Nick Carthan Cause and Obituary 

Nick Carthan Cause of he die . According to recent reports, famous American comedian, Nick Carthan, is dead. The first news started surfacing all over social media on Friday. Carthan is remembered for his shows like Nick Hollywood and Curious Red Flags.

Nick Carthan obituary is circulating amid his death rumors.  On Nick’s latest IG post, people have flooded the comment section with RIP messages. Popular comedians like Aida Rodriguez, Tony Baker, Clint Coley, and Brooklyn Jones were some few to confirm the death news.

However, Nick Carthan death cause or how did he die is still not clear.

The comedian was all healthy and fit a day ago. In fact, he had posted a Tiktok of him dancing on his Instagram @nick_carthan with 8.3k followers.

Carthan was a fitness enthusiast and did not have any underlying illness. So, his sudden demise has shocked everyone.

Nick Carthan was 40 years old in age.

Nick Carthan Married

Nick Carthan is now survived by his daughter from his ex-wife, Tacarra Williams. Similar to the late Nick, Tarcarra is also a standup comedian. In addition, she is also a plus-sized model and former preschool teacher.

Williams and Nick had got married in 2011. Similarly, they also gave birth to a daughter named Chrissy on February 27, 2014. However, the ex-couple was now divorced and co-prating Chrissy together.

After his separation from Tacarra, Nick Carthan had tied the knot with his girlfriend, Cameron Barton.

Even Cameron is a comedian and actress. Likewise, the husband and wife used to perform and travel together along with Chrissy.

Nick Carthan Age

Nick Carthan is 40 years old in age was born year 1981.

Nick Carthan Net Worth

Nick Carthan net worth yielded him a decent fortune in 2021, which is still under review.

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