Nardo Wick Age, Height, Net Worth, Weight, Arrested By US Marshal

Nardo Wick real name is Marc Sorrentino.

He is a stage name, combining Nar and Wick (which he states are short for Wicked).

He was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Similarly, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Nardo Wick first received a huge amount of fame and recognition through his single, “Who wants Smoke”.

Similarly, it is believed that since he had a background of musicians, his father being a music engineer, he further helped him to set up a studio.

In addition, some of Nardo’s famous songs include: Shh, Knock


Knock, I declare War, Who wants Smoke, Slide and Came Up.

Nardo Wick already got a deal with RCA Records, which will serve as the cornerstone for his future career.

The rapper is not only known for his songs but has also gained immense popularity through his YouTube account that has over 87.9 thousand subscribers.

His YouTube account, with the handle name “Nardo Wick,” has more than 13 Million views on his most famous music video so far “Who want Smoke”.


Nardo Wick even plans on investing his income in the stock market, ensuring how Nardo Wick is a far-sighted person and considering his rough childhood who struggled financially.

Nardo Wick is a verified Instagram user with the handle name @nardowick has over 274 thousand followers and 41 posts at the moment.

Nardo Wick Age

Nardo Wick was born on December 30th, 2001.

Nardo Wick Height and Weight

Nardo Wick stands 5ft 9 inches tall and weighs about 65 kg.

Nardo Wick Arrested

Nardo Wick was arrested recently by the US Marshall. The incident occurred in Duval.

His arrest has caused millions of his fans to question the reasoning and creating controversies.

On August 17th, 2021, it was formally posted.

Nardo Wick was photographed with an unknown buddy.

Many of Nardo’s admirers have demanded that he be released as quickly as possible following his arrest.

Nardo Wick’s mugshot has yet to be released. So we don’t know if he’s still behind bars.

DJ Akademiks announced today that he was detained for “Concealed Weapon,” which still leaves some questions unanswered.

Nardo Wick Net Worth

Nardo Wick is net worth is estimated to $800,000.

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