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Dr. Nadia Chaudhuri Obituary – Death: Dr Nadia Chaudhri, a neuroscientist and Associate Professor at Concordia University in Canada has passed away. Chaudhri was diagonsed with ovarian cancer in 2020. On May 11, she said that time has come for her to share the heartbreaking news with her son.

Chaudhri was a Pakistani-British neuroscientist based in Canada, where she was a professor at Concordia University since 2010. She is survived by her husband and one child, a son aged six. Earlier this year in May, a tweet by Chaudhri marking the day she would tell her son about her approaching death went viral.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Nadia posted that she is dying from cancer. With a picture of herself with her son, she shared a series of tweets explaining her condition to her son.

Dr Nadia Chaudhri’s tweet read, “Today is the day I tell my son that I’m dying from cancer. It’s reached a point where he has to hear it from me. Let all my tears flow now so that I can be brave this afternoon. Let me howl with grief now so that I can comfort him.”

In another tweet, Dr Nadia Chaudhri wrote, “Our hearts broke. We cried a lot. And then the healing began. My son is brave. He is bright. He will be okay. And I will watch him grow from wherever I am. Today was the hardest day of my life. Thank you all for your love.”

With over 142,000 followers on Twitter, Chaudhri also used her wide reach to successfully platform visibility and fundraisers for aspiring young scientists from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds. In her honour, her university too set up the Nadia Chaudhri Wingspan Award for scholarships towards that same effort.

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  1. Nadia was an amazing energizing woman all the way up until the day of her passing. But, her spirit will live on in all of us. Thank you Nadia for all that you have given the world.

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