Mr Bondi Age, Family, Arrested, Why he was Arrested

Mr Bondi was arrested for violation of covid-19 regulations and resisting arrest,Mr Bondi real name is Dimitry Moskovich.

However, with the resurfacing of the clip of his arrest, the decision seems to be a bit different than what everyone heard.

According to the clip that he was in a red speedo going towards Bondi Beach, which is how he got his name, which is still not open to the general public.

The police immediately took him to the ground and started to force arrest him. When he tried to ask what happened they continuously attacked him and did not answer.

The Clip is now all over the media and people know what happened so all the charges that were made upon him have dropped a few months ago, after 11 months of his arrest.

The police also have to pay the sum of $25,000 to him for such behavior.

It is also recorded that Mr Bondi sued the police.

Mr Bondi Family

Mr Bondi did not reveal anything regarding his wife or his family.

He is an active part of the media for over a year now, but he did not reveal any of his personal details yet.

He might be married and have kids or he might be just single and living alone, we have no information regarding any of it.

Mr Bondi Age

It is reported that he is about 55 years old now.

However, his exact date of birth or his age is not revealed yet.

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