Mike Winther Death – Mike Winther Cause of Death

Mike Winther Death – Mike Winther, President of the Institute for Principle Studies has passed away. This was made known on November 27, 2021.

Mike Winther Obituary has not been released yet, since family are still mourning the death of the beloved.

Mike Winther Cause of Death: Mike Winther died from Covid-19 complications.

Like many of you, we at Advancing Vibrant Communities mourn the death of our Brother Mike Winther. We are ultimately secure and thankful in the knowledge that Mike is alive and well with the Lord, but we also now embrace the grieving process God has given us in this dimension of time and place.

We remember Mike as a friend, a stalwart defender of the faith, a man of God, a shining example of walking out the admonition to be “salt and light,” and a man gifted with a keen intellect and knowledge of history. Like the focus of his non-profit venture, “Institute for Principle Studies,” he was a man of principle, and he invested much of his life in instilling those principles and the basic rigors of reasoning and critical thinking in hundreds and hundreds of young people, most of whom I assume will take those Biblical, life, and historical principles and invest them in the lives of their own spheres of influence. Mike’s legacy is, and will continue to be, astounding.

Like many of you, I’ll personally miss him as a friend. He would willingly and brilliantly partner on many community fronts: from providing introductory crash courses on civics for those thinking about running for elective office; to many guest appearances on AVC’s “Lighthouse Live” radio and podcast programs where he steadfastly and confidently rehearsed the truths of history and godly life principles; to more recent appearances on “The Mike Douglass Show” on local iHeart commercial AM radio KFIV 1360AM Modesto, as our “go-to” civics, history, and Constitutional consultant.

Mike Winther may be in Heaven now, but God will continue to leverage Mike’s legacy on this side of eternity, to inspire, instruct, and impact individuals and their communities for years to come. – Michael Douglass wrote on Facebook.


  1. A dangerous man is dead. Mikey wanted a biblical govt which our founding fathers abhorred. On top of that, he convinced hundreds of not thousands to not take COVID seriously and less many to their deaths from a preferable disease. Good riddance.

  2. God bless Mike Winther. A gentle, amazingly knowledgeable teacher whose love of God and country were infectious, Mike enjoyed helping students understand the founding of America. He will be sorely missed, but will live on within the thinking of those of us he taught. Rest in peace, good and faithful servant.

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