Mike Sievert Biography, Age, Net Worth, CEO OF T-Mobile

Mike Sievert is originally from Canton, Ohio, United States. But he is currently residing in Bellevue, Washington.

Mike began working at a very young age. He worked as a paper carrier when he was ten years old.

Mike graduated from GlenOak High School in 1987.

Then, he completed his bachelor’s from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1991. At the university, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Mike has worked at several renowned companies like IBM, AT&T Wireless, Microsoft, Clearwire, and Shaw Communications. He is currently in T-Mobile.


He became COO of T-Mobile in 2015. Then in 2018, he became the company’s president.

Mike became the President and CEO of T-Mobile in April 2020. Since then, he has been successfully taking over the role.

He took on the role after the previous CEO of the company, John Legere’s departure.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Mike received $54.9 million of compensation in total.

Mike Sievert Net Worth

Mike Sievert earns a base salary of around $1.5 million, and his net worth might be hundreds of million dollars.

But he has not disclosed his net worth to the public. According to source, he initially earned $1.4 million when he first took the CEO of T-Mobile.

His salary increases every year with a rise in compensation and stock price. Moreover, he earns as much as his rivals including the CEO at Verizon and AT&T.

When he was a COO of the company, his base salary was around $1.2 million. His incentives were valued at $10.35 million.

Along with the current CEO of T-Mobile, the other executives, including former CEO, John Legere received huge payouts.

Reportedly, the former CEO received more than $137 million in compensation in 2020.

The current CEO received a compensation of $54.9 million, and Neville Ray, President of Technology received $33.2 million.

The second-largest wireless carrier of the United State’s stock price surged following its successful merge with rival Sprint Corp.

Mike Sievert Age

Mike Sievert’s age is currently 51. He was born in 1970.

But he has not revealed his exact date of birth.

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