Meet Dubai Bling Kris Fade Daughters, Zhara And Ariani! – Explained!

Dubai Bling gave perception to his ex-spouse and now followers need to learn about his daughters Zhara and Ariani. Learn about them on this piece under. We try and cowl all of it right here.

Who Are Dubai Bling Kris Fade Daughters?

Dubai Bling star Kris Fade has been open about his earlier marriage. In the present, he acknowledged that he tied the knot beforehand to his ex-spouse Marianne Argy. Their marriage brief lived however they have been blessed with two stunning youngsters named Zhara and Ariani. Despite the top of their marriage, they couple managed to remain collectively as pals for his or her daughters.

After their divorce, Marianne took to her IG to share about co-parenting. She wrote, “Divorced couple goals! Just because we didn’t make it as a married couple, doesn’t mean we can’t make it as parents. It didn’t happen overnight, it wasn’t easy, but we made it, and it was all worth it.”

She added, “I have a best friend, who I had 2 beautiful children with, a new life and new sets of goals. We are happy, kids are happy, life is good.”

Marianne spoke additional, “He’s a great ex-husband and an even better father. I want the best for my baby’s daddy just as he wants the best for me.”

Per Marianne’s IG publish, they’ve managed to remain as finest pals. She not too long ago tagged Chris on her IG in July 2022. She wrote, “Family, health and loyal friends is the only thing I want my life to be about. Safe travels to my baby girls for summer break. Have the best fun with your dad @krisfade 🥰 And @paulamanzz Miss you so much come back soon.”

In December 2020, Marianne appeared with ex-husband and his now spouse Brianna Fade. She wrote, “Thank you to my kids dad @krisfade and his lovely fiancé @being.brianna for the warm invite with @vlada_polefitdubai before Christmas to unwrap presents and also surprise the babies on a dream vacation to the Maldives! 😍 Watch the videos as Noushie doesn’t know how to react, and Kikki is almost brought to tears because she had to do a Covid test before traveling 😄 Only Kikki would cry when being told she will be vacationing in a tropical paradise lol. Anyway, all is well and they are safe and sound in their beautiful water suites. Have fun guys send lots of pics!!”

As for Marianne, she is married to a distinguished particular person, Rami El Obeidi. Rami is a former head of overseas intelligence in Libya’s National Transition Council.

Back to their youngsters, Kris not too long ago featured each of them in October 2022 publish. She wrote: “The journey to get to this very moment wasn’t easy. Lesson: Nothing good comes easy! My girls.”

In July he posted about his daughter rising up. “The older they get, the harder it is to take these pics. My little girls are growing up. The conversations I hear them have these days, blow my mind. Did I have the same when I was their age? I don’t think so,” He wrote on the publish. “Social media has given these kids an endless amount of information. Some good, some bad. We as parents, can only help direct their choices to be the right ones.”

Meet Kris Fade Daughter, Zhara

Zhara Fade is the oldest daughter of Kris Fade and Marianne Argy. Zara celebrated her thirteenth birthday in August 2022. Meanwhile, her birthday is on the 18th. While Zhara shares an IG along with her youthful sister, however she additionally has her personal IG (@zara.fade).

On her thirteenth birthday, Kris posted on his IG, “The beauty of life, is creating it ❤ We celebrate @zara.fade this weekend. Happy 13th baby girl. Kikki & I are always here for you.”

Meet Kris Fade Other Daughter, Ariani

Ariani Fade, the youngest daughter turned 10 years outdated in November 2021.

On Ariani’s birthday, Marianne posted, “Happy birthday to my second born. You’re only 10 but so mature beyond your years everyone thinks you’re a teenager 😩 I can’t wait for you to grow up and be the ambitious, strong, Independent (highly opinionated!😅) woman you will become, but can you also please stop growing. Mumma can barely keep you on her lap 😂 I love you so much my baby. Party this weekend!!”

In one other publish, Marianne acknowledged that Ariani needs to be a lawyer as an grownup. She wrote, “At 9 years old she asked me, “Mumma what’s a job that I can do when I’m older where I can argue all day?” I simply laughed and mentioned “LAWYER!!” “Ok then I’m going to be a lawyer” A couple of weeks later she tells me she’s going to go to Harvard and be a decide as a result of it’s the perfect college and judges make more cash. God I like this child. I can’t wait to see her as an grownup.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Dubai Bling Star Kris Fade Daughters Live?

Kris Fade daughters’ live in Dubai with their father Kris Fade.

  • Do Kris Fade Daughters Appear On Dubai Bling?

No, Kris Fade’s daughters hasn’t appeared on Dubai Bling.

  • Do Kris Fade Daughters Have A Brother?

No, Zhara and Ariani are the one two youngsters of Kris and Arianne. Hence, they don’t have any brothers.

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