Mark Brylski Death – RIP / Mark A. Brylski Car Accident

Mark A. Brylski Death – We are highly devastated to announce the death of Mark A. Brylski 68 Madison, WI, who has been identified as one of the victims in Cottage Grove Road crash.

Mark A. Brylski Obituary isn’t available at the moment.

The crash occurred near the intersection of South Stoughton Road and South Cottage Grove Road in the City of Madison and was reported to authorities at or about 9:21 AM.

The individuals were identified as:

Mark A. Brylski
Madison, WI

Kathy A. Brylski
Madison, WI

David A. Hanaway
Monona, WI

Mr. Brylski and Mr. Hanaway were pronounced deceased at the scene of the crash. Mrs. Brylski was pronounced deceased at a local hospital. A forensic examination was completed on Mr. and Mrs. Brylski at the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office on 12/14/2021 and on Mr. Hanaway on 12/15/21. Preliminary results of the examinations confirm that all three individuals died from injuries sustained in the crash.
Additional testing is underway at this time.

This death remains under investigation by the Madison Police Department and the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office.”

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