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Malik Herbert Death – Malik Herbert has sadly passed away on November 13, 2021. His Family and friends flooded social media with Tributes.

Malik Herbert This is unbelievable we was just talking yesterday about playing some ball together, idk where to start we’ve been brothers since we was kids always cutting up hanging out playing ball together, you’ve been in my life for awhile Fam nothing but a good person and a hell of an athlete. I just can’t believe this rn you was my right hand man there was never a time I didn’t see a smile on your face, I’m thankful for all the times that we’ve shared together Imma miss you dearly bro words can’t explain. I love you bro❤️ until we meet again fam👼🏽🤍” – Tre

My very first Friend since pre-school. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss you. The first time I met you we were about 4-5 years old at freedom park and you had a mouth full of silver crowns getting buckets on the 10 foot goal and I asked you “How did you learn how to do that?”😂 and the rest was history. I love you Scoota Man you broke my heart this morning. I know you’re having a blast with Alexis right now. Your name will live forever I know I’ll see you again some day my boy. KJ and Tootie yall keep your heads up I wish I knew what to tell the both of you but I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through right now. #LLM Malik HerbertChaulence

This one hurts like hell.. Malik Herbert my brother, my friend, my PG, my other lockdown DB…We constantly pushed eachother to be better everyday to put ourselves inna better position for tomorrow. I love you man & I miss you. You got me at a loss for words right now. We always “keepin em strapped up” Kristen Johnson I love you “white mama” and I am sorry…Justin

This can’t even be real! Malik Herbert I love you so much, just like you were my own son! Everyone is at a loss for words right now, but everyone’s prayers, food and support is gratefully appreciated! Kristen Johnsonand Charles Herbert, I love you both and will always be right here for both of you whenever! I can’t even imagine the pain inside you both but rest assured that Lexi girl is holding his hand and they both are so happy, just to be together. I can see her now with open arms welcoming Malik! Kristen, I love you with all my heart and am always a phone call away! Everyone, please keep the prayers coming as they are needed and will be for a very long time! We love you all. 🙏 Fly high Scoot 🙏 Lexi girl, hold him tight and never let go! Malik, you were loved so deeply and will always be with us daily! 💔💔💔🙏Jamie

A mom and dad back in Randolph County are mourning the loss of their son. I don’t know much about the specifics surrounding his passing, but I do know that Malik Herbert was a special individual who always had a smile on his face and constantly joked in class. He was part of my first group of 8th grade students I ever taught, many of whom are currently around my age when I first met them fresh out of college.

Teaching is an annual investment… I spend hours each week planning and teaching students, while also building personal relationships with them. I quickly learn about their family history, what hobbies or sports interest them, the “student tea”/gossip, and even the personal events that lead to good or bad days. For Malik, he was an athlete, and I watched several sporting events at SERMS while keeping my eyes specifically on him and the others from the Avengers team.

Then, the students leave and I receive a new group the following school year for the entire process to begin again. The yearly cycle is exhausting but worthwhile at the same time.

This is where my investment becomes personal… but this is also where my investment causes me pain when I hear of a student’s passing.

Friends, please say a special prayer for the Ramseur community. This family has already endured the loss of another child, Malik’s sister, who passed away the same year I taught Malik. Love on your littles tonight, no matter how old or young. My children will each receive an extra hug and kiss tonight in honor of Malik.Katie

So thankful I got to tell him two days ago I love him…so thankful for the memories and being a wonderful friend to my son…We love you Malik Herbert..RIP 🕊🤍🕊🤍🕊🤍Sending prayers to Kristen Johnson and Charles Herbert and the whole family& friends 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 – Shelly

Malik Herbert,

Thank you for being such a good friend to me for all of these years. Thank you for always being such a good friend to Cam’Ron. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even know Cam. There wasn’t one time I was around you and not cracking up. You always shined where you stood. Your talent was unmatched and your drive was insane. You were one of the hardest working, humble, and genuine people I have ever met. I am beyond grateful to have had you in my life for the past 9 years. Watch over us. We miss you so much.

I love you scooter 🛵Nikki

Honestly it still doesn’t even seem real….You we’re such a great person. You would have done anything for me and my group of friends. There was never a dull moment with you around. Never will forget all the good moments and laughs we all shared together. My heart hurts for family and friends. Rest easy Scoot🤍 You’ll be missed Malik HerbertAshlynn

Thoughts and prayers out to the Herbert family. RIP to Malik. You were such a kind person and you had the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. No obstacle was ever ever to big for you. I am honored to have gone to school with you and seen you excel in everything you did. You were a role model to so many people, and I looked up to you and how you carried yourself. I aspire to have even half the heart and passion that you carried with you. You could light up a whole room and you invited everyone into every conversation always. I never got the chance to thank you for always being kind and always pushing everyone. I remember we used to talk about how we were always the shortest in middle school and high school, but your heart and drive was unmeasurable, you never let your height stop you & I looked up to that. Thank you for paving the way. Rest easy my friend.Manuel

This is so unreal… Malik Herbert you were always so bright and shined like the sun. This hit me like a ton bricks Buddy. That smile was always so big and powerful. You have no clue how much we’ll all miss you. From the the 1st time I saw you playin basketball at the gym to the last time I saw that smile and huggin you at the ballpark, you will forever be in all our hearts and never ever forgotten Bro. This 1 just hits different…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👆🏻I love you dudeChuck

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