Makar Sankranti 2023: Traditional Foods And Sweets Eaten In Thai Pongal, Uttarayan – Explained!

Makar sankranti It is well known in numerous states of India underneath completely different names and in innumerable types. This 12 months, Makar Sankranti might be celebrated on January 14-15, 2023. The pageant, also called Thai Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Uttarayan in Gujarat, is a day to bask in sweets like gajak produced from sesame and chikki produced from peanuts. . and to relish salty meals like khichdi.

Here are the favored meals that folks put together on Makar Sankranti throughout the nation:

Tilgul or Tilkut

Tilgul is a dessert produced from sesame seeds and jaggery. Both elements are recognized for his or her warming qualities throughout extreme chilly and different well being advantages as nicely. Bihar’s Gaya is legendary for its crispy and candy tilkut. Other variations of the candy produced from quite a lot of elements are also called gajak in lots of areas of North India.


Eating khichdi with ghee on Makar Sankranti is taken into account fortunate and is believed to carry luck and prosperity. Khichdi could be eaten with many various garnishes corresponding to yogurt, papad, bharta/chokha (vegetable puree), and pickles.


The elements for laddoo, a specific kind of candy ball, are wheat, ghee, and sugar. Like different festivals, laddoos are additionally a favourite of the folks on Makar Sankranti. People of all ages take pleasure in completely different sorts of laddoos made with chickpea flour, sesame, coconut, sugar and brown sugar.

puran poly

In Maharashtra, folks put together puran poli throughout Makar Sankranti. To make it, entire wheat flour, ghee, and a candy filling of chana dal and jaggery are used.


Another nicely-liked conventional dish loved throughout Makar Sankranti is gudpapdi. The elements for this dessert are entire wheat flour, ghee, and jaggery. The dough is split into small squares or diamonds, that are then thinly rolled out and deep-fried in shortening till crisp and golden.


Pitha is a kind of conventional cake that’s made throughout Makar Sankranti. It is normally full of coconut or different candy fillings and produced with a combination of rice flour and brown sugar. In Odisha folks put together a standard cake referred to as kakara pitha. It is ready as small spherical desserts from a dough of rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut.

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