Livvy Haydock Investigative Journalist, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Husband

Since her childhood, Livvy showed interest in journalism. She began to become a vigilante to act against pedophiles and research into dangerous areas.

Continuing, her vigilante work turned into investigative journalism.

Besides her work, Livvy loves to travel, taste new food, and spend time with her pet.

Livvy is a dog lover, and she has also kept a pet.

She loves enjoying holidays with her dog named Toby.

Livvy Haydock is an investigative journalist who has worked for several media houses.

She has worked in different countries such as the U.K., Congo, Philippines, Jamaica, etc.

Livvy has an experience of more than 10 years working in the journalism field. In her every work, she reaches sensitive places to get exclusive reports.

Livvy is independent and earning good money with a decent salary

Livvy is also a documentary producer. She has produced well-researched documentaries for BBC Three.

Livvy started making documentaries in 2010. At first, she worked for BBC Three. She made contents about drug smugglers, pedophiles, and traffickers.

After that, media houses like VICE, National Geographic, Channel 4, Al Jazeera, Sky One.

Livvy has also written newspaper articles and featured in various interviews.


Livvy Haydock Age


Livvy Haydock was born in 1997, but her exact birth date is not available. She is 24 years old.

Livvy Haydock Instagram

Livvy Haydock is an active social media user.

Her handles are @livvyhaydock on Instagram and @LivvyHaydock on Twitter.

Livvy Haydock Height and Weight

Livvy height and weight are unknown.

However, she appears to be more than 5ft 5 inches.

Also, she looks fit and slim in her pictures so that anybody can guess her weight between 50-60 Kilograms.

Livvy Haydock Husband

Livvy Haydock is single currently; she has not been in a relationship with anyone.

Through her social media profiles, we can see that Lizzy is only dedicated to her work. Sometimes, she visits her brother and nephew; other than that, there is no trace of her partner.

Yet, there is no guarantee; she may be keeping her relationship status secret.

Livvy Haydock Net Worth

Livvy Haydock is earning a decent amount working in this field.

Also, she produces her documentaries – which she sells for multinational TV channels.

Furthermore, her documentaries are critically acclaimed and paid well.

Sadly, there is no exact information to tell about her net worth.

But by looking at her lifestyle, it can be analyzed that her bank account has regular transactions.

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