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Judd Hirsch was born in the United States and spent his childhood there with his family. Judd belonged to a middle-class family, where his father was an electrician. Judd had difficulties as a child, but he always knew he wanted to be an actor, and his family supported his decision with both hands. He attended Dwight Clinton High School, from where he reached adulthood 1952. Later, Judd went to City College in New York and earned a degree in physics.

Judd Hirsch is an American actor who has gained fame from his work in taxis and ordinary people. The American started his career in theater, and later, he landed in Hollywood with a lot of great films in his hand. With his growing career he earned both money and a reputation in the film industry. He has also won many prestigious awards such as the Emmy Award (1981 and 1983), the Tony Award, the Golden Globe Award (1989) and so on.

Judd Hirsch Age

Judd Seymour Hirsch was born in March 15, 1935 In New York. Judd is 86 years old.

Judd Hirsch Height

Judd has a body with an excellent appearance accompanies well the high height of 6ft. He was eager to go to the gym and keep a fit body that made him look charming in front of the camera easily. Most of Judd’s body measurements are unknown, whether it’s the weight or even the body’s essential statistics.

Judd Hirsch Career

Judd Hirsch served in the military at first and then moved to the IEC and worked as an engineer. Later when the game got to him, he joined Herbert Berg from the studio. It was in the 60s, and soon Judd was given small roles that provided him with the experience, his debut came in 1971 with the film spring, where his role did not receive much praise or credit.

As a result, significant cinematic work flew in the 1980s with ordinary people. For his role, Judd was also nominated for an Oscar. During the journey more and more films came to him. Some of Judd’s well-known film works are No Trace, Teachers, Beautiful Mind, Robbery Tower, The Muppets, Changing Thoughts, Independence Day: Renewal, Uncut Gems, and many more.

Although in the case of TV work, the achievements are rated much higher. His debut was seen with 1974 series “The law”. Additional small roles of the actor have entered Fear of trial, medical story, visions, rhodes, sooner or later.


Things went slowly and steadily when cab Entered it 1978. Since the role of Alex Rieger, he was ranked as a player at a higher level.

Other honorable mentions for the work of the series include First Steps, Dear John, George and Leo, Philly, Ordinary Joe, American Dad, Numbers, Meron, God Connect Me, Hunters, and many more.

Judd has also appeared in series like “The great band theory as the father of Leonard, Win, And Superior donuts”. Judd’s last appearance was in a program called hunting Starring Al Pacino In the eighth episode of the first season.

Judd Hirsch’s wife

Judd Hirsch is married not once but twice. The first woman to enter his life is Alyssa Sadona. They both went inside 1956. It was a pretty decent event in the presence of family and friends.

The couple had a son 1966 on behalf of Alexander, also known as Alex Hirsch. Judd’s first son is a Hollywood voice actor and writer. Alex has played many characters in various films. Gravity Falls is one of Alex’s most notable films.

Judd and Alyssa broke up 1967 for a reason that is still unknown. After this breakup, Judd did not marry for more than two decades. In 1992, He found Bonnie Sue Chalkin. Bonnie is a fashion designer. The couple got married in 1992. They gave birth to two children Montana and London. The two decided to separate 2005.

Since then, Judd has not been in any relationship and instead suffers from Anisocoria, which was developed during his adulthood. This is a medical problem where people face different sizes of students. From which 20% of the world population is affected, and Judd is also one of those who have it. But, this is not a fatal disease.

Judd Hirsch Net Worth

As of 2020, Judd’s net worth stands at $12 million. During the 1980s, Judd purchased a huge 77 acre property in New York, which he later put up for sale at $6.2 million. The price of the property was lowered to another $4.5 million.

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