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Josh Dubin Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Education, Personal Life, Married, Nationality, Early Life



Josh is a well-known american justice advocate and attorney. He’s the founder and president of dubin research and consulting, one of the finest advisory companies in metropolis.
He is likewise the first ambassador of the innocence assignment, the criminal business enterprise formed to help the ones wrongly accused of crimes they did not involve.
Apart, he’s the co-author of the ebook named “the regulation of juries for thomson reuters.”

Josh Dubia Net Worth

Josh dubin’s net worth is predicted at round $100 million. His major supply of income is from his career and the company he works for as a president. He lives a luxurious existence in the united states of america.

Josh Dubin Married

Josh Dubin married his wife Gillian Dubin, who is a famous interior designer.
It has been more than twenty years of their marriage, and they are still standing strong.
The couple is blessed with one son and two daughters but has not revealed any details about them.

Fact About Josh Dubin

  • Josh is the first every ambassador of lnnocene Project.
  • He lives a lavish in New York City.
  • He is married to Gillian Dubin and the couple is parent to beautiful kids.
  • As an author he has co-authored the book The Law of Juries for Thomos Reuters.
  • He had approached former President Obama for a letter of appreciation.

Josh Dubin Person Life

Dubin is a married man. He is married to his wife Gillian Dubin . His wife is a famous interior designer and they are living quit a satisfied marriage life. Gillian Dubin Design in Brooklyn New York.
The couple has been married for more than 20 years now and they are still standing strong.

Josh Dubin Age

Josh Dubin is 45years of age. Born and raised in New York, United State.

Josh Dubin Nationality

Josh Dubin he holds American nationlity

Josh Dubin Early Life And Education

Josh has kept the details of his early life a secret from the public view. His date of birth is not known cueently. It is reported that he is 45years of age as of 2021 . Born and raised in New York, United State, he holds American nationlity and belongs to a mixed ethnic background.
Regarding his education qualifications, Josh has studied at Florida State University. To pursue a career in law , he attended Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law.

Josh Dubin Career

Josh Dubin started his professional journey as a criminal lawyer. After a few years, he became an attorney and started his own firm in the year 2006. He named it Dubin Research and Consulting.
Since 2004, Dubin is involued in raising funds for the nonprofit organization ; innocence Project. He is currently the first ambassador of the project. Apart from his legal career,josh is fond of writing too .He has written a book called The Law of Juries for Thomson Reuters.

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