Joewy Lombe Car Accident – Victim In Munali Accident

Joewy Lombe Car Accident – Victim In Munali Accident:

A terrible accident occurred yesterday in great east road Somewhere munali Bridge.

The car slipped off the road and the people inside where burnt to death white BMW AIB8556. The car caught fire and burnt to ashes.

Joewy Lombe has been identified has one of the victims in the ghastly accident.

Miselo Mumba, one of the witnesses said: I just witnessed the most horrific accident in my life if you recognize this number plate please get in touch with me. Its a 5 series BMW. It occurred on great East Road at Munali. At the risk of sounding political, i am disappointed that it took emergency services 46 minutes to respond to the accident. After we paid 42 million dollars on fire trucks. All their numbers were not going through. We had to use connections to get a response. This should not be the case. The scene was 5 minutes away from where the million dollars fire trucks park yet we had to witness a human being cry for their life and grasp their last breath. Sadly no one survived the accident. President Hakainde Hichilema please work on the response time for our emergency services. This death could have been avoided.

The cause of the fire yet to be known at the moment but this story will be updated as soon as we have more information concerning news.

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