Joe Mccarron Is Alive – Joe Mccarron Is Not Dead

Joe Mccarron Is Alive – So many news are flying around the social media about the death of Joe Mccarron who has been ill for a while now.

Example of such Rumor

Limerick Against Fascism wrote on Facebook: In a tragic turn of events Joe McCarron has passed away. Antonio Mureddu with the help of Dolores Cahill removed this man from hospital in Letterkenny a few days ago and recorded the unfolding events and uploaded them. The man subsequently got extremely ill after being removed and had to be readmitted to hospital. We can only imagine that he wanted to give himself a fighting chance of living. But Covid is a tragic killer as we all know and once it goes too far nothing much can save you. Solidarity to the nurses and doctors in Letterkenny hospital who have put up with so much in the last week. The fascists can spin what they want but we all witnessed your care and compassion against such provocation and the clear endangerment to the life of a vulnerable human that was caused by the far right. It’s time the far right were stopped in their tracks.

Populist Watch Ireland also wrote: Joe McCarron died last night in Letterkenny hospital, rest in peace

The staff there have been abused both in work and getting to/from work

Joe tragically was a vaccine sceptic, a friend of those who encouraged him to leave hospital when sick with Covid. He returned, was ventilated but it was too late

Direct Democracy Ireland, leading onto the Yellow Vests, and Dolores Cahill and her Common Law insanity has lead this man and his wife down a tunnel with tragic consequences

But, according to the latest update we heard from, Joe Mccarron isn’t Dead, he is still at the hospital.

The Report

The Helping Hand Wrote on Facebook: Although we are not affiliated to The Common Law Information Centre in Ballybofey, our understanding at this moment in time is that Joe McCarron is still in ICU letterkenny and being cared for by the wonderful staff there.

There were unconfirmed reports of his passing, this has not been confirmed as true. We will post more information as we get it for those genuinely concerned.

We wish Joe continued recovery.

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