Jerhonda Johnson Pace, R kelly Accuser, Biography, Age

Jerhonda Johnson Pace is an American poet, author, and public speaker.

Johnson has written two books, and she is working on her second poetry book. Johnson is also currently pursuing a doctorate and working on her YouTube channel.

R&B singer R. Kelly sexually abused Johnson. Johnson came forward with her story in 2017 and has since written a book about the incident.

She shared details from the suicide pact and how she was pressured to do with R. Kelly in Lifetime’s show.

Jerhonda Johnson Pace was just a teenager when she met R. Kelly during his 2008 child pornography trial.

Jerhonda was a massive fan of the singer and would sit outside the courtroom during his trial.

During the time, she didn’t believe that R. Kelly was guilty and had no hesitation meeting him alone.

After meetings a few times, Jerhonda revealed that the relationship turned sexual. He tried to control her and didn’t allow them to talk to anyone or go anywhere without his permission. As time progressed, Kelly started physically abusing Jerhonda.

She ended the relationship in 2010 and contacted an attorney. Jerhonda pursued a settlement and signed a non-disclosure agreement.Jerhonda Johnson Pace Age

Jerhonda Johnson Pace was 16 years old when Kelly invited her to his house. She is 28 years of age currently.

Jerhonda Johnson Pace Instagram

Jerhonda Johnson Pace is active on Instagram using username @jerhondaa.

Johnson Instagram bio says peace, love, and skincare.

According to her Instagram account, Johnson follows a vegan lifestyle.

Jerhonda Johnson Pace has 30.3k followers.

She posted for the first time on Instagram on May 25, 2019.

She also recently posted about having to fly to New York to testify in the trial.

According to the Instagram post, Johnson revealed how it was not easy to testify against her abuser and they are one step closer to justice.

Jerhonda Johnson Pace Marital Status

Jerhonda Johnson Pace is married.

Johnson and her husband have three children and are expecting another one.

Johnson keeps her private life and children away from the media as they feel more safe and relaxed that way.


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