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Jan Ramey Obituary – It is with great sadness that we let you know Jan Ramey has passed. Jan Francis Ramey was born on November 2, 2021 and born in Orange, California and lived most of her life in Wichita, Kansas.

Jan Ramey was ornery, fun-loving and had a heart of gold. Jan shared her love by cooking. She enjoyed perusing cookbooks to find new ideas, but often went back to her favorite standbys of lubee, goulash, potato soup and the greatest fried rice and egg rolls in Wichita.

Jan Ramey didn’t always have much monetarily, but often a pot of something could be found on her stove that she would share. If you visited her, you were greeted with a wonderful homey smell of some deliciousness on her stove. Her first words were always “Are you hungry, go grab a bowl.” No one ever turned her down.
In later years you could find Jan in her apartment, in her maroon chair, kind of like ‘mission control.’ Life happened around her. She connected with people through her phone. She would watch the news and give highlights on the weather and national happenings with a few choice curse words peppered throughout. Often, she would send texts encouraging people to watch the weather. Recordings of John Wayne, horror movies and cooking shows could be found on the television at any time.

She loved fiercely. She was known as ‘Aunt Janny PooPoo’ by her nieces and nephews. They all knew they could get away with anything around her. She never filtered her mouth and didn’t get in trouble by her sisters because of her flashing eyes and dimply smile. She loved all of them including her goddaughters as if they were her own.

If you were lucky enough to be in Jan’s tribe, you received no special pass. You were in it for life. As a friend, a loved one, or family member you received a prankster, a sister, an aunt, a godmother, a hearty laugh, a tad of foul language and a bond for a lifetime. She will be deeply missed.

Jan Ramey is preceded in death by both of her parents. She is survived by her dear friend Jeanette Blide, siblings Nia Ives, Niki Ramey, David Ramey and Billie Jo (David) Grey, nephews and nieces- Josh (Carla) Herrman, Tim (Sheri) Herrman and Danielle (Max) LeClaire, eight great nephews, five great nieces and goddaughters Shelby Blide and Libby Rierson.
A celebration of life is planned for a later date.

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