James Wyatt Dentel Biography, Fiancée, Age, Murder case

 James Wyatt Dentel is a murderer who is currently serving a jail term of 20 years in Oregon prison for killing four men who proposed union to his now-fiancée KELLY JACOBS.

Love blossomed between the two lovers after several letters, emails, and conversations between them.

The couple have never been seen or heard to be in the same room, and even after getting married, they will still not be able to perfect their marriage due to the ban on nuptial visits in Oregon.

In an interview Kelly Jacobs said her criminal fiancé is “worried that he won’t pick up the phone or that I won’t wait for him. Fortunately,” he says he’s pretty sure I’ll wait because I’m not the kind of person who goes to parties or lives a crazy lifestyle”.

When Dentel finishes serving his jail term, the lovers plan to start a family as soon as they can.

She also said “He’s worried about being an older father, but my father was about his age when he had my brother, so anything is possible”.

Jacobs also said she has received backlash because not everyone is cool with the couple’s love story for getting engaged to a prisoner, which is often associated with fans trying to gain influence by marrying a jail rock star.

She also says, she has gotten negativity online about it, In fact, she says that she will never tolerate Dentel’s crime.

 James Wyatt Dentel Age.

 James Wyatt Dentel is 32 years old. And by the time Dentel is released, he will be around 44 years old, while the other half of him will be approaching 40.

Kelly Jacobs, James Wyatt Fiancée

Kelly Jacobs, is a 28-year-old woman who is based 5000 miles away from James Wyatt Dentel in the Netherlands.

She is a Social work graduate, who joined writeaprisoner.com and began writing Dentel letters on his cell phone in 2019. After a while, the lovebirds started calling and having video calls and using direct messaging, texting each other for hours every day. They finally fell in love. After falling in love, Dentel decided to propose to Jacobs and did so through a video call.

The couple plans to marry inside the prison sometime in October this year. Dentel isn’t scheduled to release her  until 2032, but he has found several ways to show Jacobs love. Dentel has many tattoos honoring his fiancée, including the letter ‘K’ on his ring finger that he obtained to mark his engagement to Jacobs. Jacobs also got the letter ‘W’ tattooed on her ring finger and, in a surprising turn of events, her parents have blessed her relationship with Dentel.

She said, “He proposed to me with a ring made in prison, but someone in the free world asked a jeweler for a ring”. Kelly Jacobs graduated this year and hopes to work in psychiatry. She has her wedding planned in her head even though she will not be allowed nuptial visits with Dentel as the state of Oregon forbids it. “For the wedding, I won’t wear a traditional costume, because people don’t do that for prison weddings. I will probably wear a simple white dress or white pants or a white skirt and top, “she said. Dentel and Jacobs have made plans to live together and have children once Dentel gets out of jail.

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