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Jacob Elfinus Sahetapy Death – Obituary: Jacob Elfinus Sahetapy an Indonesian legal expert has sadly passed away. The news of Jacob Elfinus Sahetapy was seen through the information flying across the social media on September 21, 2021 at the age 89.

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Few Things You Need To Know About Jacob Elfinus Sahetapy

Jacob Elfinus Sahetapy was born on June 06, 1932 in Saparua Island, Indonesia. Jacobus received his basic education at his mother’s primary school, namely Particuliere Saparuasche School . From his mother, he learned a lot about nationalism and the struggle to defend the poor.

At the age of about 10 years, schools were closed because the Japanese army invaded the Dutch East Indies . Sahetapy was only able to finish his schooling in 1947 after Indonesia’s independence. He continued his studies in high school with a four-year curriculum. However, his return to education was disrupted by the local political turmoil caused by the proclamation of the Republic of South Maluku (RMS). Because of this, Sahetapy decided to leave Maluku and join his older brother, AJ Tuhusula-Sahetapy, who had already lived in Surabaya . It was in that city that he finished his high school education .

He was an Indonesian legal expert. He is also a professor in law at Airlangga University , Surabaya.

Jacob Elfinus Sahetapy married a girl from Java named Lestari Rahayu Lahenda who is also a law scholar and lecturer. They have three daughters, namely Elfina Lebrine (born 1969), a graduate of the Masters program from the Faculty of Law , Leiden University , The Netherlands , Athilda Henriete (born 1971), a Masters degree in Law from Diponegoro University , Semarang , and Wilma Laura (born 1979), Faculty graduate. Literature from Petra Christian University , Surabaya , and a Master’s Degree from Fak. Law University of Surabaya. They also have an adopted son, Kezia (born 1992), who recently graduated from the Bachelor of Communication Studies at Petra Christian University and Masters Degree in International Relations, Airlangga University, Surabaya.

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