Is Anne Heche OK? Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-GF in ICU after suffering ‘serious burns’ in LA car crash – Explained!

According to accounts, Anne Heche, an actress and director, was damage badly in a collision. Heche reportedly hit a home together with her vehicle, creating a hearth, many burn accidents, and finally was delivered to a hospital. According to witnesses, she had a life-threatening accident earlier than the foremost one when she slammed right into a storage after which fled the scene.

On Friday, August 5, round 11 am, the 53-yr-outdated actress was working her Mini Cooper when she crashed it into a house in Mar Vista, California. According to TMZ, she first ploughed right into a home’s storage in her car. She put her blue Mini Cooper in reverse, nonetheless, and sped off earlier than bystanders may help her, solely to be delivered to the hospital shortly after. Ex-girlfriend of Ellen DeGeneres who was severely burned by the massive hearth and needed to be carried away on a stretcher According to the article, the physicians are unable to find out whether or not she was drunk due to the severity of her burns. However, an image of Heche in her car with a purple-capped bottle in one of many cupholders that the publication bought means that she might have consumed alcohol each earlier than and whereas driving. The Hollywood starlet was saved and brought right into a hospital in Los Angeles.

Ellen DeGeneres' ex-GF in ICU after suffering 'serious burns' in LA car crash

Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-GF in ICU after suffering ‘serious burns’ in LA car crash

Is Anne Heche okay?

Heche is seen in a video that Fox 11 acquired mendacity on her abdomen on a stretcher. Her clothes itself offers a clue as to how severe the occasion was provided that it’s seen that they’re burnt. There have been no different accidents, albeit the exact diploma of the accidents stays unknown. Investigations into the accident’s trigger are ongoing. The aftermath picture of Heche’s Mini Cooper was additionally launched by TMZ. Heche is proven in a video that has been making the rounds on-line attempting to get off the stretcher whereas she can be type of coming again to life.

Heche is finest identified for her function as Vicky Hudson in the serial opera “Another World,” however she additionally rose to fame for her 5-yr romance with Ellen DeGeneres. When they selected to separate up, this particular relationship attracted much more media consideration. The actress can be seen driving carelessly in CCTV footage that TMZ bought between the 2 collisions. The actor from “Donny Brasco” is intubated, though it’s anticipated that he’ll survive, in response to the publication. The spokesperson for Anne Heche remains to be mum in the media.

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