In Loving Memory Of Carter Stai | Tributes to Carter Stai

Carter Stai Is Dead | Death | Obituary is yet to be released

Friends paid their Tributes to Carter Stai on Facebook:

So hard to play on a day like today with the sad news of losing Carter Stai… Carter was a light in a dark World and was always there for you and did his best at everything he did. Carter and I were on a video call on FB messenger for over an hour just days ago speaking on not drinking (as I’ve been sober for around 9 or 10 months now and will stay this way). Carter said Man I’m so proud of you Rye.. He too spoke on cutting back and trying to quit and was planning to leave for Florida. We also spoke about our struggles with #mentalhealth and how much we’ve both battled with depression, anxiety and past issues that I won’t address for either of Us publicly. All I can say is this, mental health is something I’ve only recently began to work on, acknowledge and admit it’s not a battle I’ll ever win alone. The staff at the VA will be focal in helping me to understand and let go of a lot of past memories, experiences and move on from some serious lot deep wounds I’ve never spoke about to anyone.
Carter was on that path too and has always spoke to me privately about how hard his Brothers death was and how important it is to focus on the positive and the happy times spent with those people. Well Carter, that’s what I’ll have to do to move on from this but for now, I need to grieve and let this time be used to reflect on the memories and times we spent together. It’s hard to believe you’ve known Me since I was 17 and I’m 36 now. Thank You for always being the light in an otherwise hard to navigate, dark world filled with so many bringing others down or taking advantage of a person with the right intentions and/or heart. You were one in a million and I’ll never remember the harder times.. only the good ones
… – Ryan Moreno.

Today, we lost a great family member in Carter Stai. We will be closed today to respect the memories of a great friend and family member. Please pray for him as his journey continues.

From 4PM-6PM tonight, we would like to invite friends & family of Carter to come by Kitty’s for a drink and share a story or two. This will be a time to remember our friend and the good times we had with him. –Kitty

It is with an heavy and completely broken heart that I want to inform everyone of the passing of a dear friend I grew up with and Classmate of the Southern Door Class of 1992,That Carter Stai passed away November 9th at Froedtert Hospital.

Please say a prayer for Carters wonderful mother Char Colombo Bohn and his family in this most difficult time. Carter you truly will be missed! I’m completely devastated and in shock you are gone! Rest In Peace my lifelong friend! I will treasure our memories forever!Melissa

I was just in Sturgeon Bay a few weeks ago last time I visited, and like every time I would go back I would go to Kitty O’Reillys. I knew every time I would come back and Carter Stai was working he would get excited to see me and make me laugh every time, even though I don’t go back very often. The last time I saw him I was served the biggest plate of perch I had ever seen, and he made me laugh with a simple “You asked for perch, you got some perch there son”, making sure everyone around regretted not getting the perch dinner in the process. I’m going to miss you buddy and pray that you find peace with others that have been taken from us too soon. – Dylan

It is with a very heavy heart to post this but a brother of mine Carter Stai was taken away from us way too soon. You were such a great guy that could light up the world and you world give your shirt off your back for anybody. RIP Brotha until we meet again. – Steven

My heart is so sad because of hearing of the news of the passing of my friend, Carter Stai. In 2014 Bruno Mars played at Summerfest and I reached out to my friends on Facebook and asked if anyone was interested in accompanying me to see Bruno Mars in concert and that I would supply the car and the gas. Carter responded and said he would love to go and so we did. It was June 25, 2014, and it was a beautiful summer day. Carter said he wanted to drive his convertible so we drove with the top down on the way to Milwaukee. It was so much fun to be in his company. We both knew the lyrics to all of the songs so we both sang along with Bruno Mars and his band throughout the entire concert together. I have never forgotten that it didn’t matter to Carter what we paid for the tickets…and in the end I realized that the tickets I purchased were for more money than other tickets were and that we could have been much closer to the stage than where we ended up. But to Carter it did not matter. He was so easy going and a joy to be with. In the end I did complain to Stub Hub and we did get some of our money returned. But again, Carter never complained. He was one in a Million! And he always made YOU feel special. Once when I stopped into Kitty’s with some friends and Carter was working the outside bar when he saw me he made sure the next music that played was a song of Bruno Mars. I can still see his beautiful smile! I truly don’t understand why someone so good and loving has to leave us far too soon. My entire family was truly blessed to have known him. So going forward whenever I hear Bruno Mars’ music it will forever be a reminder to me of my dear friend Carter. – SonyaI

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