In Loving Memory Of Billy Barnett – Tributes to Billy Barnett

Billy Barnett Death – Obituary is not released yet.

Tributes flood Facebook as loved ones write in honor of their beloved Billy Barnett who passed away suddenly yesterday, November 10, 2021.

For Billy.

Embrace the everyday ordinary moments. I saw Billy Barnett a few weeks ago and gave him an awkwardly long hug, and gooeyed his cheek with such a sloppy kiss that he had to use his shirt sleeve to wipe away my slobber. And I’m so thankful that I did.

We all lost Billy today in a motorcycle accident. And if you knew Billy, you know how much of a loss this is. He was a teddy bear of man, but much more teddy than bear. His goofy chuckle was as common as it was contagious. I’ve known Billy for over 20 years and can’t remember seeing him be angry or mean to anyone. The only time he ever annoyed me was this one night in Jacksonville when I was trying to sleep and he and Fitch were being obnoxiously loud. I can probably count all of the completely pure hearted people I’ve ever met using my hands and a couple of toes, and Billy is among them. Billy was love.

Tonight, and for forever, I am heartbroken for his entire family. I’ve been lucky enough to be welcomed by 4 generations of the family into their hearts and homes for countless gatherings surrounded by laughter and joy and love. But most of all: their endless kindness. Billy was kind.

The Barnett/Cangemi/Albertelli/Browning family has enriched so very many lives through kindness, and have also given so generously to so very many, and they have never asked for anything in return. Billy was generous.

I am angry that a family as selfless as theirs has had such a significant and special part of it so suddenly taken away. Billy was special.

But in the end words are just words, and kindness is the only thing that matters. And this family matters to more people than they know. And on behalf of all of those people: thank you. And we love you. And we are here for you.

And we will spread that same kindness that you all have shown us as far as our hundreds of hearts can spread it. And we’ll do it as our thank you to you, and we’ll do it for Billy. – Nick

It is not everyday that we take pictures but today, I called Billy Barnett and told him that there was a bird on the porch that was going to hurt itself because it kept flying into the glass door. I am not a fan of bird & he said, darling I am a man of my word & I am on my way. He had told me if I ever had issues with birds that he would coming running. I really just wanted to see him, he was my light, my knight in shining armor!! And, when I needed him he was there!! In fact when anyone needed him, he was there.

Look at this man, a man of his word, a man of honor, a man who loved me like I have never been loved, a man who loved his children beyond measure. He was a family man, he loved his family and my family with all of his being. He was all things good, he read his Bible every single night, he found something good in every situation. He kept me on the high road when I often felt like things were crumbling around me. Last night at dinner I was feeling down so he told myself and the kids this story. One of many of his uplifting stories!!

There was a farmer and his horse ran away. The towns people said, oh this is horrible, the man said, Maybe.

The next day the horse returned with three wild horses, the towns people came and said, oh this is great, and the man said, Maybe.

The man’s son was trying to work with the wild horses and broke his leg, the towns people said oh this is horrible, the man said, Maybe.

The war broke out and all the young men were drafted, and the son was unable to go, the towns people said, oh this is great, and the man said, Maybe.

We have played this over & over in our heads today, because this was how he lived his life. You take the good and the bad, and everything will be okay.

I don’t know if we will EVER be okay! I am hurting beyond measure, my body is hurting from the inside out, the pain is unbearable. I am somewhat in disbelief that the glue that held us together, my rock, my soulmate, the man that God created for me to have and to hold is gone in an instant. Please pray for us, I can’t imagine doing life without this man! I love you Billy Barnett yesterday, today, and for the rest of my life. You were my honey bunny and I am forever grateful for every minute that I was blessed to love you, hug you, & hold you! 💔 – Ashley

Billy Barnett asked me yesterday why I never posted this picture. I honestly thought that I did. He loved this duck, he even bought socks with the duck on it! I just wish I could wake up from this nightmare but I can’t figure out how to go to sleep without you!! – Ashley

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