Geo Lee Age, Family, Biograph And Wikipedia- What Is His Net Worth In 2022

Discover the age of actor and producer Geo Lee, best known for his role as Strongly on The Fairly OddParents.

In the adventure drama The Fairly OddParents, Roy Ragland and Vivian “Viv” Turner travel to Dimmsdale with the aid of their fairy godparents.

Clear Talent Group – Adult Commercials is one of the agencies representing the five-foot and ten-inch tall actors (CA). Let’s take a closer look at the actor’s life.

Geo Lee Age Revealed

Geo Lee is a 41-year-old actor. His father, Paul Lee, and mother, Mrs. Lee, gave birth to him.

He was born in China on June 17, 1991. The actor posted an Instagram message to his parents on their special day.

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