GCW, FITE+ Reach Partnership on New Two-Year Deal – Explained!

“Fans want access to everything, and that’s what this is,” GCW’s founder and CEO Brett Lauderdale mentioned.

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GCW is coming to FITE+.

Wrestling’s most progressive impartial promotion will stand as a centerpiece to the evolving FITE subscription service. And whereas GCW has aired on FITE since 2018, GCW’s founder and CEO Brett Lauderdale confirmed that the brand new two-12 months cope with FITE+ makes it its unique new dwelling.

“Fans want access to everything, and that’s what this is,” mentioned Lauderdale. “With the volume of shows we do now, it’s expensive to follow every single one. We’re blessed to have the support we do, but it’s asking a lot. This is a way to see all the shows for one price, which is $4.99 a month on FITE+.”

The cope with FITE+ permits viewers to observe each new GCW present, starting with the Nick Gage Invitational on No. 12. Michael Weber, who’s the FITE COO, confirmed that it additionally offers all the catalogue of GCW exhibits which have aired on FITE since 2018.

“GCW has a very loyal following, they’re consistent with their programming, and they’re constantly changing how people feel about independent wrestling,” mentioned Weber. “This new deal gives fans every show GCW has done since their inception on FITE, which is 215 shows, and we’ll be adding more of their pre-2018 catalog, too.”

While monetary phrases weren’t disclosed, the success of GCW has made their product a premium. The added publicity from this distinguished place on FITE+ ought to solely serve to additional develop their attain throughout the trade.

“We’ve created this relationship and connection with the fans,” mentioned Lauderdale. “They are the ones who have led this unprecedented growth for independent wrestling. I’m so glad these circumstances have come around, making it so much easier to watch GCW. If you’re looking to follow us, this is your chance.”

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